Chipworks Publishes Reverse Engineering Report on Toshiba TSV Technology

Chipworks, the leader in reverse engineering analysis, announced the availability of a full reverse engineering report on Toshiba’s Through Silicon Via (TSV) technology. The analyzed device is an image sensor module, produced by Toshiba, and found inside a mobile phone. According to market research company Yole Developpement, “3-D TSV wafer level encapsulation technologies have the potential to impact as much as 70% of the CMOS image sensor market for camera cell phones by 2012.”

Reverse engineering image of the Toshiba TSV shown in plan view, covered with the aluminum pad and with the pad removedToshiba’s customers for this device are consumer products manufacturing companies who will benefit from a smaller footprint and a lower cost manufacturing process – a benefit confirmed by the analysis Chipworks has completed to date.

“As predicted by Chipworks, image sensors have proven to be the first successful implementation of TSV technology on the market,” said Gary Tomkins, VP Technical Intelligence, Chipworks. “However, manufacturers with complex packaging, or those needing to stack dice, will benefit from this technology including memory manufacturers such as Samsung, Hynix, and Micron, and image sensor manufacturers such as Aptina, Omnivision, and Sony.”

Chipworks’ analysis will deliver the level of detail required by engineering and senior management teams by taking them inside the process, using a combination of very high magnification TEM and SEM imaging, materials analysis, and engineering expertise.

Contents include:

  • Device identification and analysis
  • Process analysis of the die
  • TSV/3DIC process analysis (including liners and barriers)

This analysis will be used by clients to take the cost out of designs, with immediate returns of at least five times the revenue benefits, which can exceed 150 times the investment in reverse engineering analysis.

Companies interested in this report may contact Chipworks at or via phone at 613-829-0414.

About Chipworks
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