SDC Systems to Attend at UK Embedded Systems Show

European distributor of tool and technologies for the development of hi-tech equipment, SDC, will be exhibiting their latest products at the UK Embedded Systems Show to be held at the NEC on the 1st and 2nd October. SDC will be presenting a range of technologies that help accelerate development and enhance product functionality.

At the heart of SDC’s exhibits will be the Tilcon graphical interface development tool that can now import Adobe PhotoShop files, enabling engineers to create more powerful graphics for their embedded devices. Alongside this, SDC will also be exhibiting the latest release of RapiTime, the acclaimed software analysis tool that helps engineers understand worst case execution time and assists in the development of robust, high performance systems.

“We always look forward to the Embedded Systems Show,” said Stuart Parker, Managing Director of SDC Systems Ltd. “It’s an important opportunity for us to demonstrate our latest technologies. Over the past year there have been a lot of important developments in our product range, so we will be exhibiting several new exciting technologies that we think will be attractive to those engineers visiting the show.”

SDC’s product range includes embedded tools and software products such as MontaVista embedded realtime Linux, General Software embedded BIOS solutions and firmware, Tilcon’s graphical interface tools and Rapita’s software analysis tools. SDC will also be introducing their new ‘Professional Services’ division, a part of the company that is focusing on providing embedded systems development services.

“Our engineers have been working with our customers on development projects for some time, but we have now formalised this part of SDC,” said Stuart. “SDC will now offer a range of engineering services that includes driver development, BIOS development, embedded Linux development and embedded Windows development. We are also helping companies set up development environments, and providing training in a number of areas. Generally, we are using our considerable in house expertise and experience to help our customers accelerate development in order that they can meet ever challenging deadlines and objectives.”

UK Embedded Systems Show