Trusted Logic Introduces Trusted Foundations Software for Devices

Trusted Logic, a pioneer in security solutions for digital services, has released a new version of its trusted execution environment, Trusted Foundations[tm] Software, making it easier to develop high-performance security-sensitive applications on any device. Trusted Foundations[tm] Software merges two former products of Trusted Logic, the Security Module which was fully dedicated to the wireless market, and jTOP® for Terminals which was dedicated to the payment terminal market. With this new version Trusted Logic aims to provide the market with a unique security platform enabling great flexibility. The trusted execution environment provides a high-level framework to host high-performance security-sensitive services such as payment, DRM and device management applications.

The new product provides essential features including standard-based high-level APIs dedicated to security and built-in services including cryptography and secure storage. It comes with a rich PC-based development environment supporting standard development tools and simulation capabilities. It also offers porting kits enabling customers to optimize and differentiate their security offer through the interface of specific hardware security features such as cryptographic accelerators, smart cards and NFC devices. Existing integrations already support connection to major operating systems such as Symbian OS[tm], Windows Mobile[tm] and Linux and a dedicated porting kit is also available for the connection to any customer-specific operating system.

Trusted Foundations[tm] Software is well suited for any resource-constrained embedded device requiring the efficient execution of sensitive applications, protection of digital assets and acceleration of intensive security operations. It allows fast and flexible implementation of OS-independent security features in a full programmable execution environment fully isolated from less sensitive applications. Device types benefiting from this technology include wireless devices, multimedia electronics, network equipment and automotive equipment.

TrustZone® Software, the ARM® version of Trusted Foundations[tm] Software optimized for TrustZone-enabled cores such as ARM1176JZ(F)-S, was released earlier this year. The Trusted Foundations[tm] technology has already been ported and deployed on various platforms from leading silicon vendors, with various service providers delivering security applications on these platforms.

Dominique Bolignano, CEO of Trusted Logic, comments: “Trusted Logic has been pioneering the definition of security requirements for the wireless industry. These requirements are now a reality, with a strong boost coming from digital content delivery to upcoming NFC deployments. Mobile payment is an obvious use case but our technology has been designed to support all the new services now coming. For years we have been cooperating with silicon vendors and telecom operators. Trusted Foundations[tm] Software is the right product for them to deploy all these exciting new services. This is an important step for our company.”

About Trusted Logic
With dual competence in security and open technology for embedded systems, Trusted Logic has been leadindg the development of secure software since its creation in 1999, focusing on two industries: smart cards & secure tokens and professional & consumer devices. Its subsidiary, Trusted Labs, offers security consulting and evaluation services.