VaST Announces CoMET, METeor Prototyping Tools for Eclipse 3.3

VaST, the leader in electronics virtualization, announced the availability of the latest versions of its virtual system prototyping tools, CoMET® and METeor[tm] version 6.1 fully integrated into the Eclipse 3.3 (Europa) Framework. CoMET® is a system engineering tool enabling the creation of a virtual system prototype. METeor[tm] is an interactive software development environment for embedded systems and system-on-chip.

The integration of Europa brings several features including Core Eclipse 3.3 IDE, C/C++ Developer Tools 4.0, Eclipse Modeling Framework, and the new Graphical Editing Framework. These features significantly enhance platform creation, debugging, design navigation, and GUI interaction. Users can also leverage third-party Eclipse plug-ins to integrate customer-specific design tools and design flow environment.

Other enhancements include batch mode support to create, compile, launch simulations, and override runtime simulation parameters to enable additional use cases such as design-space exploration, optimization and regression testing. SystemC 2.2 support maintains industry standard compatibility and interoperability. AXI protocol support extends model compatibility and seamless support for SystemC models based on TLM standards such as the OSCI TLM 2.0.

CoMET 6.1 provides more automated project migration features that streamline the import of CoMET 5 projects as well as the export of projects from CoMET to METeor.

“The 6.1 versions CoMET and METeor bring greater productivity and flexibility to users by aggressively supporting standards and open development platforms like Eclipse. VaST tools have become the de-facto standard electronic virtualization solution for the development of embedded systems,” said Jeff Roane, Vice President of Marketing for VaST.

About VaST
VaST drives electronics virtualization. VaST fundamentally changes the electronics industry by breaking the dependency on hardware prototypes. With VaST, electronics companies develop virtual system prototypes — timing-accurate, high-speed simulation models of their electronic systems — for use in design and supply chain enablement. Using virtualization, customers develop software before hardware and enable early software development by ecosystem partners which cuts time-to-market by 8 months or more. VaST’s customers include worldwide leaders in automotive, consumer, and wireless markets. VaST is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California with sales and support offices worldwide.