Orchid Technologies Engineering Designs Medical Amplifer System

Orchid Technologies Engineering & Consulting designed a high-speed sensitive transconductance amplifer for detection of plaque build up in veins and arteries for their medical client. The client needed an amplifer system that could detect the smallest variations in florescent light levels inside the human body. Detecting the florescence of foreign materials inside the human body is subject to a variety of competing technical challenges. Orchid met those challenges by designing a reliable, highly repeatable, and accurate transconductance amplifer.

“The design of high-speed sensitive transconductance amplifiers requires experience,” says, Paul Nickelsberg, President and Senior Engineer of Orchid Technologies. “The amplifier is capable of detecting infra red light levels below-40dbm with a frequency response flat to 35KHz.” ” We were able to use analog circuit modeling techniques, advanced on-the-bench prototyping and testing techniques, together with signal-source fixturing to design this high-speed transconductance amplifer.”

Achieving consistent results in an ever-changing biological environment required precision analog electronics you can trust.

The development of custom electronics technology solutions for OEM clients is Orchid’s entire business. High-performance analog amplifier systems, with rapid design cycles, demanding technical requirements, and unforgiving schedules set us apart. Call Orchid Technologies today at 978-461-2000.