Korenix Introduces JetNet4506-M12 M12/IP68 Managed Ethernet Switch

Korenix, the pioneer of industrial-grade network device, is dedicated to offer exceptional network equipment that is user-friendly, cost-effective and most importantly, measures up to customers’ expectation, releases Industrial 6-Port Managed M12/IP68 Ethernet Switch JetNet 4506-M12 which is specifically designed for the toughest industrial environments. In combination with its IP68 design and the superb management functionality, the JetNet 4506-M12 extends your managing boundaries where no other industrial Ethernet switch can go.

Korenix JetNet4506-M12 M12/IP68 Industrial Managed Ethernet SwitchIt is a trend that industrial Ethernet is increasingly adopted in locations with extreme harsh conditions, such as outdoor, offshore, marine, railways and moving vehicles. Industrial Ethernet is also moving from the management and control level to the front end, and field level. These environments expose Ethernet devices to severe weather, moisture, oil, dust, corrosive or flammable vapor and gases. The devices are also subjected to severe Electric Magnetic Interference (EMI), constant vibration and heavy shock or impact. JetNet 4506-M12 overcomes the challenges of these extreme environments.

JetNet 4506-M12 is constructed of a rugged weather tight aluminum case and designed with six IP68 rated M12 Ethernet ports, which provide a waterproof, and dust-tight connection. For maximum performance, each switch includes the next generation of redundancy protocol, Rapid Super Ring. This feature allows for the configuration of any two ports for extra protection against link failure and data loss due to constant vibration and heavy shock. The JetNet 4506-M12 also includes other management features, such as port-based VLAN, QoS, IGMP snooping, SNMP and DHCP, for traffic isolation, deterministic transmission and network management.

The JetNet 4506-M12 can be easily adopted in almost all kinds of applications and provides the most rugged solutions for managing your network in outdoor, offshore, railway, moving vehicles, factory automation, coal mines, petrochemical factories, food/beverage industries and plant floors.

About Korenix Technology
Korenix Technology is committed in design and manufacturing industrial communications products, which can be used in various markets that requires high stability or for industrial field environments, such as POS, banking, telecom, transportation, industrial automation, energy, power, military, and medical fields. Korenix has 8 major product lines: JetRock Series IP67/68 Industrial Ethernet Switch, JetNet Series Industrial Managed and Unmanaged Redundant Ethernet Rail Switch, JetPoE Switch Series include PoE managed and unmanaged switch, JetBox series communication computer, JetPort Series RS-232/422/485 3-in-1 Device Server, JetI/O Ethernet-based block I/O modules, JetCon Series Industrial Serial/Ethernet/Fiber Media Converter and JetCard Series Multiport Serial Card. Korenix is committed to provide quality products to our customers. Various safety approvals, such as EMI, EMC, EMS, UL, cUL, are applied to all Korenix products. All Korenix products have 5 years global warranty through worldwide service centers. For customers’ specific application requirements, Korenix also provide tailor-made services. Korenix listens to customers’ voices, designs professional products, and provides comprehensive services to make Korenix a reliable partner for global users.