Airbiquity Unveils aqLink Data over Voice In-band Modem for PNDs

Airbiquity, a leader in wireless communication solutions, announced its new connected services platform for Personal Navigation Devices (PNDs), designed to make it easier and more cost effective for PND manufacturers to create and deliver innovative end-to-end connected services to their customers. Airbiquity’s aqLink[TM] data-over-voice in-band modem is a software-only solution that, when combined with the company’s VIAaq[TM] managed data service, gives PND manufacturers the ability to seamlessly enable connectivity on their devices without additional hardware or a secondary data subscription plan.

When connected to a user’s Bluetooth-enabled phone, an aqLink-enabled PND becomes a real-time, two-way connected device, by sending encrypted information over the voice channel of any cellular network, thus eliminating the high cost of wireless connectivity or monthly subscription plans. Airbiquity’s aqLink is the only service solution that offers both data and voice integrated services, allowing users to speak to live operators through their device and receive content in the same call.

When used in tandem with Airbiquity’s VIAaq managed data service, aqLink gives users the ability to access a number of voice and data services, including live operator concierge services, real-time traffic, local fuel prices, local weather information, local search of POIs and business listings, send-to-car applications and security services like SOS emergency service, roadside assistance and live car diagnostics.

“Connected navigation offerings will provide new innovation and business opportunities for PND manufacturers and counter market commoditization trends,” said Thilo Koslowski, vice president and automotive practice leader at Gartner Inc. “The key to successful connectivity solutions lies in minimizing additional hardware and subscription costs to ensure high market penetration. Leveraging a consumer’s cellular voice plan to deliver connected services and content eliminates potential pricing barriers and accelerates market adoption.”

“Connected PND solutions are the next evolution of location-based content for the industry. Airbiquity is providing a solution that removes many of the barriers that our research has shown to have slowed mass-market adoption of connected services on PNDs to date, such as high hardware and service costs for wireless connectivity and monthly subscription plans,” said David Jumpa, Airbiquity’s senior vice president of global business development. “Airbiquity’s new connected services platform now enables PND manufacturers to deliver a rich and easy-to-use navigation experience without the traditional cost barriers.”

The Airbiquity managed data services platform is designed for flexibility. For instance, the open model allows a PND manufacturer to pick and choose the specific content and providers they want to use in their connected offerings.

“Airbiquity’s experience and track record on the automotive OEM side should be attractive to PND makers who want to offer end-to-end connected services,” said Phil Magney, VP of automotive business practice at TRG (now part of iSuppli). “Airbiquity can enable connected solutions for PNDs over cellular networks without requiring a data plan. This translates into lower costs for anyone looking to deploy telematics or LBS services.”

About Airbiquity
Airbiquity provides wireless communications solutions that enable product suppliers and service providers in the telematics, portable navigation device (PND) and machine-to-machine (M2M) industries to deliver wireless data reliably and ubiquitously. Used by some of the largest automotive manufacturers in their telematics service offerings, Airbiquity’s patented aqLink technology provides data communications over digital wireless voice networks. VIAaq, Airbiquity’s turnkey managed data service, provides seamless connectivity between service providers and a vehicle or PND device for a relatively low cost of entry.

Airbiquity, aqLink and VIAaq are trademarks of Airbiquity Inc.