AXIOMTEK Introduces NA-821 Network Security Platform

AXIOMTEK introduces an extreme performance network security platform, the NA-821, which is a 1U rack-mountable form factor with up to 11 Gigabit Ethernet ports thru PCIe / PCI interface and up to 4-group LAN bypass segments for small and medium business market. The NA-821 supports the latest Intel® Core[tm]2 Quad / Core[tm]2 Duo processor with a 800/1066/1333 MHz front side bus and is equipped with the Intel® Q35+ICH9DO Express chipset. For greater flexible and easy maintenance, the NA-821 has two front-accessible expansion slots that allow developers to configure PCIe LAN modules based on their solution requirements. Powered by the Intel® Core[tm]2 Quad / Core[tm]2 Duo processor with flexible expansion, the NA-821 is an ideal for IDS/IPS, VPN, content filtering, UTM, network security applications, and other embedded box solutions.

AXIOMTEK NA-821 Network Security PlatformOne of the most important features of the NA-821 is that it comes with 2 front-accessible slots for inserting PCIe Gigabit modules. In order to meet various customer requirements, other than the default 4 PCI Gigabit LAN ports with 2-group LAN bypass segments we offer four extending PCIe Gigabit modules with a plurality of RJ-45 or fiber ports, including a 4-port RJ-45 PCIe Gigabit module with 2-group LAN bypass segments (AX93125), a 2-port Fiber PCIe Gigabit module (AX93126), a 2-port RJ-45 PCIe Gigabit module (AX93127), and a 3-port RJ-45 PCIe Gigabit module (AX93128). There are five different configuration options customers can select based on their solution requirements.

“Today’s networks demand powerful processing because more and more applications run simultaneously. By blending the Intel® Core[tm]2 Quad processor with the Intel® Q35 chipset, we’ve been able to help our customers to face these computing challenges by offering significant performance, stability, and power advantages,” said Philip Wei, Product Manager of Applied Computing Platforms Division at AXIOMTEK. “Its friendly design also gives users the advantage of being able to develop network security solutions according to their demands and reduce time to market. The NA-821 is a flexible multi-Gigabit network security appliance designed for VPN, firewall, UTM, and network management applications.”

This powerful network security platform supports two high bandwidth DDR2 667/800 DIMM sockets up to 4GB memory. Additionally, the NA-821 has powerful storage interfaces including two SATA 2.5″ HDD and CompactFlash[tm]. To prevent problems from platform shutdown, the NA-821 supports up to four groups of LAN bypass function through WDT and GPIO pin definitions. The network security platform also offers powerful management functions, including BIOS redirection and remote control through Intel® Active Management Technology (AMT), to improve IT efficiency and system security. For easy access, the front panel also has one RS-232 RJ console port, two USB 2.0 ports, and LED indicators that monitor power and HDD activities. One Mini PCI slot, one PCI slot and one PCI-X 64-bit/133MHz slot (optional) are available for expansion. Moreover, the NA-821 supports mainstream Linux kernel 2.6 and 2.4 operating systems.

This RoHS compliant product will be available around the beginning of September, 2008. For more product information, please contact our sales representative at

Advanced Features:

  • Extreme performance Intel® Core[tm]2 Duo and Core[tm]2 Quad processors up to FSB 1333
  • Supports two front-accessible expansion slots
  • Supports BIOS redirected to COM port features
  • Supports Intel® AMT (Active Management Technology) for remote management
  • Up to 11 Gigabit Ethernet ports thru PCIe / PCI interface
  • Supports two SATA 2.5″ HDD and RAID feature (optional) for event log or proxy data
  • Smart fan and intrusion control for case open

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