ISMI Manufacturing Symposium Reveals Second Keynote Speaker

International SEMATECH Manufacturing Initiative (ISMI) Manufacturing Week confirmed its second keynote speaker, Steve James, Manager of Texas Instruments (TI) DFAB wafer fab. Mr. James and Masakazu Kakumu, Vice President of System LSI division, Semiconductor Company, Toshiba Corporation will present keynote speeches at the 5th Annual Symposium, held Oct. 22-23 at the Hilton Austin Airport in Austin, Texas.

Masakazu Kakumu’s presentation, entitled “Toshiba’s Semiconductor Business Strategies for Growth”, takes place at 8:15 am on October 22. Mr. Kakumu will introduce Toshiba’s strategies for achieving growth in business scale and profit as an IDM and will discuss the best practices applied to Toshiba’s 300mm CR for enhancing productivity. In this connection, he said “Toshiba pays great respect to ISMI activities, and expects much of the achievements to be obtained by the work in collaboration with ISMI.”

Masakazu Kakumu joined Semiconductor Device Engineering Laboratory, Toshiba Corporation, Kawasaki, Japan, in 1981. He was engaged in development of CMOS process and device technology for high-density static RAM. Most recently, he worked as Technology Executive from 2003 to 2006 and as General Manager of Oita Operations from 2006 to 2008. Masakazu Kakumu was named Toshiba Corporate Vice President in June 2008 and Vice President of System LSI Division, Semiconductor Company in April 2008.

Mr. James’ keynote presentation, entitled “Gaining Competitive Advantage in Today’s Environment”, takes place at 8:15 am on October 23. He will discuss how to employ best practices to rapidly improve manufacturing results and share his personal experiences with TI’s world-class 5S and Kaisen Blitz programs.

As James explains, “The semiconductor industry is the epitome of ‘high-tech’, but we need to integrate low-tech programs for factories to perform. These low-tech best practices are a critical component of manufacturing, and we should apply methodologies for improvement from other industries. In our case, we’ve seen huge improvement in people productivity, quality, cost, and cycle time using a largely unconventional approach.”

James has more than 25 years of manufacturing operations experience. In his role as Wafer Fab Manager, he manages more than 600 employees in the TI DFAB site in Dallas Texas. He has served in a variety of engineering and operations roles at TI including Fab Engineering Manager, Product Engineering Manager, and Device Analysis Manager.

ISMI Manufacturing Week will be held October 20-23, 2008, providing four days of technical courses and workshops, supplier exhibits, technical posters and networking events for equipment and software suppliers, chipmakers and other semiconductor manufacturing high-tech professionals. During the first two days of the event, there will be a wide-range of short courses and workshops, as well as networking receptions.

The week will conclude with a panel discussion, moderated by G. Dan Hutcheson CEO of VLSI research, addressing some of the “hot-button” issues surrounding the current and future state of semiconductor manufacturing in G7 countries, followed by a session updating participants on the recent progress of the ISMI fab transition strategy.

About ISMI
ISMI is a global alliance of the world’s major semiconductor manufacturers, dedicated to reducing cost per wafer and ultimately cost per die, through cooperative programs focused on manufacturing effectiveness. ISMI is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SEMATECH.