Orchid Technologies Develops Data Logging Cockpit Communications System

Orchid Technologies Engineering and Consulting, successfully completes a multi-channel data logging cockpit communications system. The Marvell PXA270 ARM-based processor, data logger permits post-flight review and analysis. Supporting up to four microphones, two NTSC video channels, and I/O with daylight readable LED enunciators, and multiplexed audio codecs from Texas Instruments, makes this compact avionics design flight-ready.

“Operation during a catastrophic power loss, in a crash situation, was our clients’ requirement. We achieved a full five minutes of post-catastrophic event operation,” says Paul Nickelsberg, President and Senior Engineer at Orchid Technologies. The first hardware prototypes were delivered in just eight weeks and the demo software was running by ten weeks.

“Larger design organizations are slow, because of excessive red-tape. At Orchid, we cut through that red-tape and complete designs rapidly.” “We can satisfy emergency designs requests with high-accuracy and a can do attitude,” says Paul Nickelsberg.

About Orchid Technologies Engineering & Consulting
Orchid develops custom electronic products for OEM’s. Orchid has successfully completed hundreds of electronic product designs. Orchid offers its clients a skillful blend of innovative hardware and software design with practical production expertise. Orchid has designed high-performing custom avionics systems, with rapid design cycles. For additional information contact Paul Nickelsberg, President of Orchid Technologies at 978-461-2000 X111.