Unicoi Systems Demonstrates Fusion Reference Designs at Nvidia NVISION

Unicoi Systems, a long-time provider of software solutions to the embedded device market, will be demonstrating their latest reference designs for automotive and consumer electronics OEMs at Nvidia’s NVISION 08. Unicoi, a Windows® Embedded Partner, is planning to present a state-of-the-art, in-vehicle media platform which continues to grow in popularity among OEM vendors in U.S. and international automotive markets.

Driven by customer demand from various market segments, Unicoi Systems will soon release a new development platform running Fusion Embedded Software on Windows CE with Nvidia’s APX 2500. The current development platform, the basis for the upcoming release, has proven highly viable in both the automotive and consumer electronics sectors, where Unicoi’s technology is realizing record high adoption rates.

Unicoi’s latest Fusion Reference Designs will grant users the breadth of Fusion protocols on a small, robust processor, in conjunction with the world’s most desirable mobile OS. The end result will be an agile development platform for automotive and consumer electronics devices with the smallest possible software footprint.

“Unicoi has always been customer-driven in terms of the direction for its Fusion Reference Designs. In pursuit of meeting and exceeding customer requirements, Unicoi is doing everything possible to provide automotive and consumer electronics OEMs with our highly pervasive protocols for Windows CE, powered by Nvidia’s world class processors,” said Greg Coonley, CEO of Unicoi Systems.

About Unicoi
Unicoi Systems is a leading provider of VoIP and multimedia software and reference designs to embedded device developers and OEMs worldwide. More than 200 companies rely on Unicoi to power their solutions, including Fortune 500 companies Motorola, Sharp, Raytheon, Cisco Systems, and Sony. For more information, email sales@unicoi.com, or call +1 (678) 208-2250 extension 302.