Gleichmann Electronics Announces NEC CMOS 4 x 2 Matrix HF Switches

The three CMOS 4 x 2 matrix HF switches from NEC Electronics, which immediately complement Gleichmann Electronics’ product portfolio, are comparable in performance to GaAs switches, although lower in cost and – especially in multi-switch circuits – more space-saving. All three devices can be used in a frequency range from 250 to 2150 MHz. The isolation parameters range from 35 dBm (0.25 to 0.95 GHz) for the devices µPD5715GR and µPD5716GR to 42 dBm (0.25 to 2.15 GHz) for the device µPD5720K. Insertion loss – depending on device type – is specified at 6.7 dBm or 6.9 dBm.

NEC CMOS 4 x 2 Matrix HF SwitchesAn additional 4-bit decoder was integrated in the µPD5720K HF switch. By means of this decoder, four SPDT switches can be saved by 8 x 2 multi-switch circuits. The possibility to construct multi-switches on only two levels provides the user with a significant space advantage compared to a traditional design with pin diodes.

The CMOS 4 x 2 matrix HF switches µPD5716GR and µPD5720K, designed for an operating ambient temperature range from -40 to +850C, require 5 V supply voltage; the µPD5715GR requires 3.3 V. The µPD5715GR and µPD5716GR devices are each offered in a Pb-free 16-pin Thermal Enhanced Thin Shrink Small Outline Package (HTSSOP); the µPD5720K HF switch in a 20-pin Quad Flat No-Lead (QFN) package.

Samples and product literature for the µPD5715GR, µPD5716GR and µPD5720K CMOS 4 x 2 matrix HF switches are available, upon request, from Gleichmann Electronics.

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