RidgeRun Supports TI OMAP35x, TMS320DM355 Processors

Extending its software support services and software packages, RidgeRun, an embedded solutions provider specializing in Linux, announced support services for Texas Instruments’ (TI’s) open-source offerings, specifically its new line of OMAP35x applications processors. RidgeRun further announced embedded software development kits (SDKs) with Linux kernels and drivers, complete reference applications and libraries with expert engineering services for TI’s open source offerings.

TI’s OMAP35x platform consists of four distinct, single-chip processors: OMAP3503, OMAP3515, OMAP3525 and OMAP3530 applications processors. These processors offer a variety of combinations of the superscalar ARM(R) Cortex(TM)-A8 core, integrated multimedia-rich peripherals, OpenGL(R) ES 2.0 compatible graphics engine, video accelerators and TMS320C64x+(TM) digital signal processor (DSP) core. The complete platform allows for differentiation and rapid development of next-generation multimedia-enhanced devices with high-performance productivity at low, handheld power levels for a wide range of possible applications, including portable navigation devices, Internet appliances and portable patient monitoring products.

OMAP35x SDK support packages for Linux
RidgeRun collaborated with TI to offer a comprehensive set of open source drivers and software to reduce the time-to-market of embedded Linux products. To jump start any project, RidgeRun’s SDKs for the OMAP35x processor utilize a modular design approach to easily upgrade and enhance individual components, easily port open source applications and simplify dependency handling between different open source components.

To begin a project, developers can download RidgeRun’s free SDK to test the OMAP35x Evaluation Module (EVM). The free SDK provides customers a solid embedded Linux foundation, featuring:

  • Simple configuration: panel driven build tool
  • Many open source applications already integrated on the SDK
  • Small footprint, minimal compressed system fits on 2MB of flash
  • RidgeRun bootloader: rrload (available on most platforms)
  • Linux 2.6 kernel with real-time patches (kernel version depends on the specific hardware)
  • GCC 4.1 with soft-float ARM processor support
  • uClibc or glibc based toolchain
  • NPTL thread library for better thread performance (also in uClibc!)
  • EABI support on ARM targets
  • gdbserver and gdb for system debugging

In addition to the free, downloadable SDK, RidgeRun offers a Developer’s SDK with additional support options, including an assigned Linux specialist that will gather design requirements, exchange sample hardware and communicate project progress from beginning to delivery. Take advantage of 60 hours of support for board bring-up, driver tuning, open source package porting, application design support, current fixes, tuning and patches and a profiler tool for system profiling. In addition, developers will have access to several target file systems (initrd, cramfs, romfs, JFFS2, NFS), Open OCD script generation, sample programs for AIC, I2C and SPI devices, dual boot or backup partition aids, power management, a proprietary licensed bootloader rrload and auto-update features for the latest patches and code drops from RidgeRun.

“RidgeRun’s software expertise in embedded Linux development provides invaluable support for our customers that are differentiating their products with customized Linux applications,” said Kevin Hawkins, OMAP35x marketing manager, TI. “RidgeRun works closely with TI to ensure high quality and performance for developing multimedia-based applications and devices.”

Custom software bundles for next-generation multimedia devices
RidgeRun’s user interface, media and networking software bundles include a set of Linux applications and libraries for embedded products that reduces product development time. The bundle solutions help facilitate developers in leveraging the outstanding benefits of TI’s OMAP35x processor plus the TMS320DM355, the TMS320DM335 and the TMS320DM6446 processors to integrate Linux advanced user interfaces, faster data access and multi-standard encode and decode.

A new product based on the DM355 media bundle is now available, which includes support to the DM355 using Gstreamer. The new additions to the media bundle allow applications like security cameras, baby monitors or home monitors to use the DM355 TI codecs to generate standard MPEG-4 streams for playback.

Pricing and availability
The RidgeRun customized Linux development environments for embedded products are available now for $6499.

About RidgeRun, Inc.
RidgeRun, Inc. is exclusively focused on bringing the reliability and flexibility of Linux to embedded Internet appliances based on ARM(R) technology to deliver the performance-leading platform for multimedia devices. The RidgeRun team has extensive experience in developing world-class embedded systems, fault-tolerant software and high performance Linux solutions. Visit RidgeRun by e-mail to info@ridgerun.com

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