Perforce 2008.1 SCM Features Image Differencing

Perforce Software announced the availability of Perforce 2008.1, the newest release of the Perforce Software Configuration Management (SCM) system that versions and manages source code and all digital assets. With this release, Perforce SCM extends visual differencing functionality to images, enabling enterprise developers and engineers to manage all content with one SCM solution.

Now with the Perforce Visual Client, anyone working with graphical content can visually compare two versions to determine what changed between them. Two images can also be overlaid to easily isolate what has changed at the pixel level.

Nigel Chanter, chief operating officer of Perforce Software, said, “Our goal is to bring SCM to all enterprise contributors. Many of our customers use Perforce to manage development of their complete product lines, not just source code. Their developers are collaborating with artists, engineers, testers and technical writers to produce games, electronic devices, software and web applications.

Image differencing supports most common image files, including TIFF, JPG and GIF, and can be extended to support other image formats through the Qt API.

Improved Support for Distributed Development
In addition, Perforce 2008.1 improves support for remote users. Enhancements to the Perforce Visual Client improve remote access to the Perforce Server by allowing users to work offline and to browse local files. To further speed remote access, the Perforce Proxy, a self-maintaining proxy server and the cornerstone of Perforce’s distributed development solution, offloads file decompression to the client.

Availability & Pricing
Perforce 2008.1 is available now. Interested developers are invited to download and evaluate Perforce free from the Perforce website. This offer includes free technical support during evaluation. Perforce pricing is all-inclusive; there are no add-on components that require licensing. End-user licenses for the complete solution, including one year of support and maintenance, start at $900 per seat; volume discounts are available.

About the Perforce SCM System
Perforce, the Fast Software Configuration Management System, is an award-winning tool that versions and manages source code and digital assets for enterprises large and small. Perforce is easy to install, learn and administer; seamlessly handles distributed development; and supports developers across a large number of platforms. Perforce ensures development integrity by grouping multi-file updates into atomic changes, enables concurrent development, and intelligently manages multiple software releases using its Inter-File Branching system.

About Perforce Software
Founded in 1995, Perforce Software Inc. develops, markets and supports Perforce, the Fast Software Configuration Management System. Perforce Software is headquartered in Alameda, Calif., and sells worldwide. The company has international operations in Europe, Japan and Australia. In addition to application software companies, Perforce customers represent a broad range of industries including game development, electronics, pharmaceutical and financial services.