Fanfare Introduces iTest 3.2 for Test Automation

Fanfare, delivering innovative testing solutions to network equipment manufacturers (NEMs), service providers (SPs), and enterprises announced the latest release of iTest[tm], the company’s flagship test automation product. iTest 3.2 is a comprehensive testing solution for device and heterogeneous system testing. As the complexity of devices has increased, so has the market demand for vendor-agnostic integration between test equipment and test automation software. With iTest 3.2, customers can seamlessly integrate test assets and automate complex system testing using hardware and software from a variety of different vendors.

“iTest provides an agnostic testing solution that unifies all of the different pieces of the increasingly complex testing puzzle,” said Theresa Lanowitz, founder of voke, a leading market and industry research firm. “By providing a common foundation for conducting complex system testing, iTest is a valuable tool for both network equipment manufacturers and service providers that must communicate test assets to one another on a regular basis. This inevitably reduces product release cycles while enhancing the overall quality of product being released to the marketplace.”

Early beta versions of 3.2 have demonstrated that testers employing scripting methods, as well as those who are using a manual approach, both cited gains in productivity up to eight times their previous levels. As a result, customers at various levels of automation can accelerate their testing process, improving productivity and the overall quality of products and services being released to market.

“We have seen a real expansion in the market, where service providers now account for nearly half of our customer base and enterprises are showing an increased interest in our products,” said Tom Ryan, president and CEO of Fanfare. “This demonstrates the growing importance of quality and testing across all segments of the industry. With this new release of iTest, customers will experience significant gains in productivity and quality improvements, whether they are just starting on the path to automation, or they are evolving to the next level of automated testing.”

In order to support more complex and demanding testing environments, the following new features have been incorporated into release 3.2:

  • In-Grid Analysis providing intuitive pass / fail capabilities
  • Testbed Revolver for improved transferability
  • Support of Java Swing, Syslog, and Wireshark applications
  • Enhancements to Agilent’s N2X and Spirent’s SmartBits and TestCenter integrations
  • Support of Ixia’s IxNetwork and IxLoad test equipment software

Existing Fanfare customers with current maintenance or subscription licenses are able to upgrade to iTest 3.2 as part of their maintenance contract or subscription license. iTest Team, the most popular iTest edition, is available at an annual subscription rate of $6500 per user. Support for IxNetwork and IxLoad is available as additional options for $1000 each per year.

iTest 3.2 is now generally available.

About Fanfare
Fanfare provides software solutions to high-tech equipment manufacturers and service providers that simplify and accelerate device and system testing. Developers and testers create and share automated tests that control and analyze results from multiple devices, traffic generators, and applications while automatically documenting each test with pass-fail criteria. With Fanfare solutions, companies can move along the path toward automation while accelerating QA cycles, reducing time to market, and increasing the quality of released products. Industries such as communications, aerospace and defense, consumer electronics, automotive, industrial, and medical devices have benefited from Fanfare products.