Inphi Debuts INSSTE32882LV GS01 JEDEC DDR3 Registered Clock Driver

Inphi Corporation, a world leader in analog performance and signal integrity, announced their JEDEC-compliant DDR3 Registered Clock Driver to support DDR3-1600 data rates at 1.35 V, +/- 5%. Inphi’s INSSTE32882LV-GS01 began sampling in March 2008 and has now completed all JEDEC recommended qualification requirements. Designed to help meet the critical challenge of reducing energy consumption by U.S.-based data centers, Inphi’s low voltage DDR3 part delivers unmatched performance with the industry’s lowest tDYNOFF, tightly controlled propagation delay (tPD), excellent output jitter characteristics and quad-rank support.

A member of the groundbreaking Inphi ExacTik family, the new low voltage DDR3 Registered Clock Driver illustrates Inphi’s commitment towards energy conservation, green initiatives and to meeting the changing needs of the server ecosystem by delivering parts that comply with all low power requirements.

“Inphi’s low voltage DDR3 part gives us the flexibility to use the power we need to optimize our server applications and meet the need for lower power consumption,” said Gopal Raghavan, CTO of Inphi Corporation. “By delivering our DDR3 Registered Clock Driver to support data rates up to 1600 at 1.35 V, Inphi continues to set the standard for low power, high performance solutions. This device has excellent performance with a wide variety of memory modules and is a testament to the technology expertise and market foresight that are hallmarks of the company’s designs.”

Inphi’s INSSTE32882LV-GS01 part exceeds all JEDEC standards for standard voltage, eliminating any potential performance compromise as low as 1.35 V. Fully backward compatible to 1.5 V, the new device gives customers the option to use either voltage level without the need for customization, accelerating design cycles for low power RDIMMS.

“Data centers in the United States account for over two percent of the country’s electrical consumption. With rising costs and serious concerns about the environment, major server manufacturers around the world are seeking ways to lower power consumption without compromising performance,” said Ramanan Thiagarajah, Inphi’s ExacTik family Product Line Manager. “This part, with the potential to reduce power consumption by 20%, represents Inphi’s commitment to developing innovative low power solutions that deliver DDR3 performance to power-hungry data centers.”

The innovative INSSTE32882LV-GS01 meets DDR3-800 to DDR3-1600 data rates, allowing memory vendors to use a single register for all four speed grades while reducing costs and simplifying the bill of materials. The INSSTE32882LV-GS01 also exceeds the tDYNOFF specification at all operating data rates. tDYNOFF is a critical specification that ensures the server platform has adequate margins across all operating conditions, frequency and density.

Designed for high-performance DDR3 RDIMM server applications, the Inphi INSSTE32882LV-GS01 supports all existing DDR3-800, DDR3-1066, DDR3-1333 and
DDR3-1600 standards. This new registering clock driver offers quad-rank support for increased capacity in server memory. The INSSTE32882LV-GS01 is manufactured in 0.18 micron technology, allowing Inphi to meet aggressive pricing targets expected by computer OEMs. The new configurable registered buffer is available in a 176 Ball TFBGA eco-friendly green package.

The Inphi INSSTE32882LV-GS01 is available immediately in sample quantities with pricing starting at $7.20. For more information, email:

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