American Megatrends Announces TUFMAN Testing Framework

American Megatrends, a leader in storage and computing innovations, is proud to introduce its new TUFMAN[tm] testing software for validation of management software, which complies with major industry standards such as CIM, WS-Management and SMASH/CLP. MegaRAC TUFMAN, or Test Utility Framework for Management, is a rich web-based framework for testing newly developed management software compliant with the standards established by the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF), the leading industry organization in the field of system management.

DMTF standards such as the Common Information Model (CIM), Systems Management Architecture for Server Hardware (SMASH) and the new Web Services for Management, or WS-Management, aim to establish widespread interoperability in the administration of servers characterized by different operating environments and vendors.

The services offered by TUFMAN[tm] go well beyond the functionality provided by existing open source conformity testing tools. TUFMAN[tm] performs not only conformity testing but also validation of actual use cases, or specific OEM platform implementations, providing detailed feedback based on DMTF specifications.

“TUFMAN[tm] is a tremendous help to both developers and testers of CIM-compliant management software and middleware,” said Sanjoy Maity, AMI’s Vice-President for Remote Management. “One common tool is utilized to test all DMTF-compliant management software implementations for CIM profiles through both CLP and WSMAN interfaces. TUFMAN[tm] is exceptionally easy to use and dramatically reduces development and testing time with CIM schema validation and actual use case testing for WS-MAN and SMASH profiles.”

AMI’s TUFMAN[tm] is also extremely useful for debugging, featuring a specific debug tab with detailed debug messages. Automated Tools and Wizards enable testers to quickly create test cases and routines.

Based on an easy and intuitive web browser based interface, TUFMAN[tm] can be run across all platforms and can be upgraded to support upcoming and future standards. A plug-in wizard allows users or third parties to develop additional TUFMAN[tm] plug-ins.

At present three plug-ins are available from AMI:

  • DMTF conformance of CIM Profiles with use cases
  • WS-MAN with Custom Operations and Eventing testing
  • SMASH for testing Command Line Protocol (CLP) commands through SSH

TUFMAN[tm] is extremely easy to use. Thanks to graphical wizards, users can create basic test procedures or group them in test passes. Test passes can be performed in a number of iterations, defined by the user. TUFMAN[tm] has extensive scripting capability to run test passes in batch mode. Multiple validation procedures allow users to test their software based on keywords, regular expressions, rules or scripts. These scripts can be viewed or edited accordingly by the user for appropriate use cases of the product.

Test results are recorded through accurate test logs and statistics with graphical pie-chart representation capability. TUFMAN[tm] also contains integrated on-line help for detailed, accurate documentation that is easily accessible.

About AMI
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