Numeric Labs Introduces Freya DSP System

Numeric Labs AS has released a new complete DSP system to the chain of its product line. What is unique about this board is its size – about the size of a postage stamp (38.1 mm x 34.54mm – 1.5″ x 1.36″). The board named Freya after the Nordic goddess of love, beauty and fertility is featured rich.

Freya provides a complete DSP system for rapid and effortless integration into embedded board design environment. It has two standardized 32 pin connectors that offer the power of a high performance 32/40 bit floating point Digital Signal Processor for advanced computation. It is fully coupled with bootable SPI FLASH which provides storage capabilities for applications.

All external signals from the DSP in Freya are routed through the connectors. A 16 bit multiplexed data / address bus along with both an SPI port and a 20 bit DAI port provide extensive design possibilities. Three programmable flags can be used for feedback or as extra I/O pins when needed. The internally generated clock signal is also easily available and accessible.

In line with Numeric Labs engineering of green embedded boards for general purpose application, Freya is powered via a 3.3 volt supply.

Additional information: Numeric Labs