Impulse to Demonstrate C-to-FPGA Solutions at Intel Developer Forum

Impulse Accelerated Technologies, Inc. announced its participation at the Intel Developer Forum being held August 19 through 21 in San Francisco. Impulse will demonstrate C-to-FPGA programming solutions for high performance computing platforms combining Intel’s high-performance processors with application-optimized, software programmable FPGA coprocessors.

The Impulse C compiler and libraries support rapid design iteration and algorithm refactoring, providing visibility and control to software programmers targeting hardware-accelerated workstation and server systems. Impulse provides framework for heterogeneous programming of GPP (general purpose processors), FPGA (field programmable gate arrays), and DSP (digital signal processors). The Impulse tools allow software programmers to easily describe, debug, optimize and deploy accelerated applications, and to partition applications between different types of computing elements.

“The Impulse CoDeveloper tools allow software programmers to use the same programming language and tools for FPGA accelerators as they use for general-purpose processors,” said David Pellerin, Impulse CTO and co-founder. “This approach allows accelerated multi-processor applications to be developed and deployed in hours or days, rather than in weeks or months.”

Impulse programming solutions will be presented at IDF for image processing, signal processing, and military, financial and scientific computing. Demonstrations will be presented for design flows targeting Intel® QuickAssist Technology, FSB and PCI Express® Technology. These demonstrations, held in the Intel QuickAssist Technology Community area, will focus on hardware/software partitioning and co-design, pipeline optimization and instruction parallelism, and automatic generation of FPGA hardware from C-language descriptions. Multiple FPGA-based hardware platforms will be discussed and demonstrated.

About IDF
Intel Developer Forum (IDF) is where Intel and its ecosystem partners come together to share their latest innovations and vision for the future of technology.

Intel Developer Forum
Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA
August 19 – 21, 2008

About Impulse
Impulse provides software-to-FPGA solutions for embedded and high performance computing.