Pixellexis to Create RedBrix Video Processing System with Ambric MPPA

Ambric® has selected Pixellexis Systems & Technologies as a strategic partner for development of an ISO/IEC 15444-compliant JPEG2K codec. Pixellexis is developing a leading-edge video processing system, the RedBrix[tm], which is based on Ambric’s revolutionary Am2045[tm] silicon and software. Within the RedBrix system are four RedCards[tm], each employing 336 DSP and RISC processors for a total of 1,344 processors per system. With this level of performance, customers will see a significant acceleration in encode or decode of high-definition content, relative to a server fully utilizing its graphics processing unit (GPU) capabilities.

“Ambric’s architecture will enable us to achieve levels of performance we simply could not realize with our former solution,” said Stefany Allaire, Pixellexis CEO. “Ambric’s platform also lets us load any one of a number of codecs, such as AVC-I or JPEG2K, onto our solution, without having to make a change to the hardware.”

Ambric’s scalable architecture enables solutions like RedBrix to add PCIe-based cards, such as RedCard, as customers require additional performance or channel density. The self-synchronizing fabric designed into the Am2045 extends through its I/O to enable one software platform to manage and control more than 10,000 processors in one system in a very simple manner.

“Our partnership with Pixellexis leverages both of our key strengths — their expertise in the video broadcast market, combined with our expertise in MPPA solutions — which enables us to deliver a world-class product with unmatched low-power and performance density,” said Joe Herbst, Ambric vice-president of marketing.

Ambric and Pixellexis are co-developing this JPEG2K codec for high-quality applications such as those seen in the production camera and medical imaging markets. The codec will support resolutions of up to 5K, bit depth up to 16 bits, and deliver lossless and lossy quality.

About Ambric, Inc.
Ambric is the leader in massively parallel processor arrays (MPPAs), delivering more than one TeraOPS of performance for embedded system designs. Founded in Beaverton, Ore., Ambric launched its first product in 2007, with 336 RISC and DSP processors tied together in a self-synchronizing fabric. The patented Ambric BRIC[tm] architecture scales to thousands of processors using a simple hierarchical object-based software development platform. Ambric’s development tools accelerate its customers’ time-to-market by reducing development time and efforts by more than half.

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