Saelig Announces DeviceExaminer for Verifying USB 2.0 Conformance

DeviceExaminer is a new software package provided free with USB Explorer EX260 Generator – the industry-standard USB Explorer260 line of protocol tools. This new software verifies that a USB device under test complies with USB2.0 Specification Chapter 9, and – where applicable – Hub, HID, and Mass Storage standard classes. Used with the USB Explorer260 Generator, DeviceExaminer automatically discovers a USB device under test connected to the generator and displays its relevant information. The device’s class is detected and tests pertinent to that class are automatically loaded. DeviceExaminer software then executes a suite of tests, monitors the resulting interactions, and generates a report detailing the pass/fail results of each individual test.

Ellisys USB Explorer EX260 GeneratorDeviceExaminer can also control a USB Explorer260 to record a trace of every executed test, in case further debugging is required. If there are errors, the detected issues can be easily debugged using the analyzer’s extensive capabilities to examine the traces captured during test. DeviceExaminer’s convenient “Run Failures” feature accelerates the process of re-testing after fixing bugs, by re-running only the failed tests.

The Mass Storage class checker also performs read and write performance tests at the maximum possible USB throughput. This is achieved with the highly optimized hardware implementation of the USB Explorer260 packet generator. Explorer 260 Generator supplements protocol analysis by emulating USB devices and hosts, and by testing corner cases and recovery mechanisms. Reproducible traffic, timing and error scenarios can be created with a powerful scripting environment. USB Explorer EX260 Generator supports the industry’s first Inline Error Injection feature to insert programmed errors between a host and device to determine the impact of transmission errors.

DeviceExaminer addresses the frequent customer need for a simple and reliable test device for proving conformance to the USB 2.0 specification. The software uses the USB Explorer 260′s specialized hardware, which enables tests that are not possible with conventional approaches. DeviceExaminer was successfully demonstrated at USB-IF Compliance Workshop in Portland,OR April 28 to May 2, 2008.

Made in Switzerland by Ellisys, the leading supplier of test solutions for USB, Certified Wireless USB and WiMedia, USB Explorer260 Generator is available from stock from Ellisys’ USA distributor Saelig Co. Inc. at $8,999.00. Saelig Co. NY (585-385-1750; 585-385-1768;