ATS Offers Thermal Management Analysis, Design Services, Webinar

Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ATS), a leading electronics cooling provider, offers comprehensive thermal management analysis and design services tailored to help bring telecommunications, networking, embedded computing and other high performance electronic products to market faster, ensure their reliability and reduce development costs. To help companies realize the potential of expert thermal analysis and design services, ATS will be holding a special webinar, Ensuring Reliability, Speeding Time-to-Market and Reducing Costs with Thermal Management Analysis and Design Services, on Tuesday, August 26, 2008, from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. EDT.

Attendees can register for the event by visiting

ATS’ thermal management analysis and design services encompass both experimental and computational simulations using proprietary tools and computation fluid dynamics software packages such as FLOTHERM and CFdesign. ATS studies the full packaging domain, including components, circuit boards (PCBs), shelves, chassis, and system packaging. The company’s design services include heat sink, board and fan characterization; heat sink and fan tray design and optimization; liquid cooling design; prototyping of heat sinks and complete cooling systems; and wind tunnel testing of components, PCBs, chassis and enclosures.

ATS thermal testing typically employs a variety of research grade wind tunnels, ATVS hot wire anemometry systems and sensors for mapping air velocity and temperature distribution, which the company designs, manufactures and sells. An advanced characterization facility provides critical data on fan, fan tray, and air blower pressure drop versus volumetric flow rate.

In order to support increased demand for analysis and designs services, ATS has added staff with particular expertise in thermal management. The company’s thermal engineers provide consultative guidance at all levels of electronics packaging on both a project or contract basis. Their experience and knowledge play critical roles in optimizing thermal designs and resolving heat issues in new or deployed devices. The in-house engineering team can provide laboratory verification of thermal designs using state-of-the-art wind tunnels, sensors, and analysis equipment.

The company also performs a wide range of physical testing, including environmental, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), product safety and reliability. These tests are often conducted in partnership with National Technical Systems (NTS), offering a single vendor, multi-test service for fast, definitive data, reports and certification.

About Advanced Thermal Solutions
Advanced Thermal Solutions is a leading engineering and manufacturing company supplying complete thermal and mechanical packaging solutions from analysis and testing to final production. ATS provides a wide range of air and liquid cooling solutions, laboratory-quality thermal instrumentation, along with thermal design consulting services and training. For more information about Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc., please call 781-769- 2800.