Timesys Offers Embedded Linux Support for Logic’s OMAP35x SOM-LV

Timesys Corporation, a premier provider of embedded Linux software solutions and Logic Embedded Product Solutions group, a leading supplier of product-ready System on Modules (SOMs), easy to use development kits, and single board computers (SBCs), announced LinuxLink support for Logic’s OMAP35x SOM-LV. Based on Texas Instruments’ OMAP35x family of applications processors, LinuxLink for the Logic SOM leverages the system’s powerful suite of high-performance multimedia features, including audio, video, and image processing.

With this LinuxLink, subscribers will get web-based access to a Linux platform that has been pre-compiled, integrated, and tested for the Logic ZoomTM OMAP35x Development Kit, including a 2.6.22 Linux kernel, toolchain, and hundreds of prebuilt, ready-to-use RFS packages. Additionally, subscribers will have access to TimeStorm development tools, web-based support, and a vast suite of documentation to customize and test their embedded Linux platform for a given multimedia application.

“Our partnership with Timesys supports Logic’s goal of providing a clear path to market for customers building Linux-based devices,” said Michael Erickson, director of software products for Logic. “Timesys’ world-class Linux platform combined with Logic’s product-ready SOMs greatly reduces the cost and risk of bringing new OMAP35x products to market.”

“Logic’s OMAP35x SOM-LV is a great way for embedded development teams to accelerate their TI OMAP35x projects,” said Greg Quiggle, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Timesys. “We are excited to complement the solution by providing a robust Linux platform, development environment, and support via LinuxLink.”

About Timesys
Timesys is the provider of LinuxLink, a web-based software subscription for both first-time and experienced embedded Linux developers. LinuxLink provides the embedded software, tools, documentation, and support needed to quickly build and test a custom Linux platform for a given processor. LinuxLink enables embedded development teams to unleash the innovation of Linux without sacrificing the quality, service, and support of a traditional commercial embedded operating system.

About Logic
Logic, a product development and manufacturing company, helps customers design, develop, and deliver better products sooner. Logic Embedded Product Solutions is a leading supplier of product-ready System on Modules (SOMs), easy to use development kits, and single board computers that enable customers to stay focused on their high value core technologies in order to reduce product-development time-to-market, cost, and risk. Logic products simplify development and provide the ability to easily upgrade to next generation hardware and software. Logic services include product design, engineering, and electronic manufacturing services. The company is based in the United States and operates on a global basis.