Agility Announces Imaging Algorithm Implementation Service

Agility Design Solutions Inc., a leading provider of embedded system solutions enabling rapid implementation of complex image and signal processing algorithms, announced a new imaging algorithm implementation service. The service offering takes advantage of Agility tools and expert users to deliver a working algorithm implementation in less than half the time of conventional implementation approaches.

“Increasingly, customers are looking to focus on their core competencies and to bring in experts where needed,” stated Tony Vitucci, vice president of consulting services. “Agility is enabling this by offering a mix of tools, libraries and engineering services that can be fine-tuned to meet our customers’ requirements. We have a significant body of knowledge and expertise on successfully implementing complex algorithms for embedded platforms in both FPGA and software, which allows us to deliver the results our customers need in less than half the time of the typical development process.”

Starting with Agility algorithm specialists and software screening tools, Agility can quickly assess a customer’s MATLAB or C algorithm and help define a testbench structure that will allow for continuous validation throughout the algorithm implementation process. The next step is to capture the embedded platform requirements and identify where existing models and implementation IP can be leveraged including prototype board selection. Then, profiling tools are used to help identify the bottlenecks in the algorithm as well as partition what should be implemented into an FPGA and what should remain in software. This all comes together in a statement of work clearly outlining what is new development, what is being integrated from existing development as well as a timeline for delivery.

Pricing and Availability
Project prices range depending upon complexity, but start as low as $10k. For more information, contact for more information.

About Agility Design Solutions Inc.
Agility enables rapid development and prototyping of complex image and signal processing algorithms offering complete solutions for algorithm acceleration, prototyping and implementation in both software and hardware. The solutions include Agility’s unique software technologies for MATLAB to C and C to FPGA synthesis and a rich portfolio of synthesizable algorithmic functions and FPGA hardware platforms. Agility completes the solutions with services delivered by a team of expert users to help customers meet deadlines and delivery requirements. Corporate headquarters are located at 1076A East Meadow Circle, Palo Alto, Calif. 94303. Telephone: (650) 846-2555. Facsimile: (650) 846-2557.