Siverge Networks Optimizes Resources with Runtime NetworkComputer

Runtime Design Automation announced that Siverge Networks, a fabless semiconductor company focused on the packet evolution in carrier networks, has adopted Runtime’s NetworkComputer (formerly known as Flowtracer/NC) flow queuing system to optimize its network computing resources that provide a platform for the development of its System-on-a-chip (SoC) products. Siverge Networks research and development (R&D) center has already begun using the Runtime tool as part of its unified design network.

Uzi Zangi, VP of R&D at Siverge Networks, stated, “NetworkComputer is an essential tool for us to manage expensive license and hardware resources. The primary benefit we’ve seen is that we can achieve a complete utilization of our compute farm with minimal user interaction and we can increase the productivity of our work.”

Zangi continued, “We are using NetworkComputer to manage our SoCdesign flows. We’ve found that NetworkComputer has a noticeably-low overhead for processes and queuing; is easy to set up and configure; and is flexible with resources definitions and management. NetworkComputer’s web interface is very intuitive allowing for very easy license and resource management of our system. We’re very pleased with this product.”

Frank Bailey, vice president of sales and marketing for Runtime, said, ” Siverge Networks’s SoC development environment is a perfect example of the great improvement in computer network resource efficiency that our Flowtracer products bring to network operations. Given Siverge Networks’s extensive capabilities to design and develop a single-chip solution for multiservice carrier grade fixed and mobile backhaul equipment, the R&D team’s use of NetworkComputer rigorously tested our product’s capabilities. We’re very pleased that Siverge Networks is benefiting from optimized efficiency using NetworkComputer.”

Uri Farkash, Director of EDA Operations at AST Israel, said: “Flowtracer products offer unique capabilities to address the challenges of Network Computing, License Monitoring and WorkFlow Management. We have great customers and see new opportunities for Runtime products within Israel.”

About the Siverge Networks
Siverge Networks is a pioneering fabless semiconductor company at the forefront of networking technology. Siverge has developed unique core technology enabling OEMs to build low-cost high-speed packet based communication systems for fast expanding Carrier Networks. Siverge’s patent-pending Packet Transport SoC re-defines the technology limits of networking devices by integrating 10x more functionality and channel/port count. Siverge devices enable exceptionally high capacity, true multi-service solutions and system consolidation for Fixed and Mobile Backhauling Networks. The company is headquartered in Herzliya (Israel) with an office in Orange County, CA (US). The company was founded in 2005 and is privately held.

About Runtime Design Automation
Runtime Design Automation (Santa Clara, California) develops and markets workflow and workload management technology and products to optimize the efficient use of hardware and software computing resources.

About AST
Advanced Semiconductor Technologies (AST) is the local distributor for Runtime Design Automation products in Israel. AST was established in 1986 as the first independent Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC) Design Center in Israel. It represents today a group of world-class companies in the areas of Electronic Design Automation (EDA), ASIC and Application Specific Standard Product (ASSP). Its team of highly skilled sales and application engineers combine more than 100 years of experience. AST provides turn-key services as well as onsite support and consulting, in the areas of EDA, Grid Computing, Design Management, ASIC and FPGA Design and Verification, and other Design and Development.