VMETRO Announces New Storage Alternatives for VMDRIVE

VMETRO, a leader in high-speed data recording systems and rugged storage devices, announced the availability of additional new storage alternatives for its VMDRIVE. Available since January 2007, the VMDRIVE 6U VME/cPCI slot storage products now include rotating media options as well as several larger capacity solid-state storage options. Designed to meet demanding military and aerospace applications, the VMDRIVE enables deployment of recording applications in rugged conduction-cooled or commercial air-cooled environments.

The rotating media VMDRIVE offers 300GB or 450GB storage capacity. This dual-slot VME or cPCI alternative is available in commercial air-cooled models. The VMDRIVE rotating media version stores data at 100 MB/s via dual channels of 2Gbps Fibre Channel.

For demanding applications that require solid-state storage, the VMDRIVE is available with dual channel 2Gbps Fibre Channel interfaces using both high and low-density media. The low-density VMDRIVE stores data at 60MB/s and is available with up to 256GB of storage capacity. The low-density models occupy a single VME or cPCI slot in air and conduction-cooled versions. High-density VMDRIVEs offer 146GB and 500GB storage capacity. Available as a dual-slot air-cooled solution, the high-density solid-state stores data at 120MB/s.

The VMDRIVE is a member of VMETRO’s storage family that span requirements from benign lab to high altitude environments utilizing Fibre Channel storage area network. VMETRO’s storage solutions provide highly flexible, high performance media that is scalable to meet a variety of application needs. The VMETRO JBOD, SBOD, RAID and solid-state products deliver optimal data throughput and extremely high bandwidth for real-time data acquisition.

VMETRO [OSE: VME] provides commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) board- and system-level embedded computer products from development to deployment for applications in Aerospace & Defense, Industrial, Communications, Medical, Enterprise Computing and Network Storage. Our products offer the highest levels of performance, innovation and reliability by applying state-of-the-art technology within the framework of well established industry standards. VMETRO is a leading supplier of 1) Embedded Computing – ruggedized and commercial grade high-performance Digital Signal Processing and FPGA Processing solutions, Analog, Digital and Fiber-Optic I/O, and Buffer Memory Nodes 2) Data Recorders & Storage – ruggedized and commercial grade real-time long-endurance recording, playback and analysis systems for high-speed sensor data 3) Protocol & Bus Analyzers – debug, validation and analysis tools for testing computer systems and 4) Network Storage devices – solid-state non-volatile cards designed to increase performance and maintain reliability in server and storage appliances.