Electronics.ca Publishes 3D TSV Interconnects Report

Electronics.ca Publications, the electronics industry market research and knowledge network, announces the availability of a new market study entitled “3D TSV Interconnects: Equipments and Materials 2008 Report.” The Semiconductor manufacturing industry is today facing more than ever the challenge to explore the so-called More-than-Moore 3-D integration route in order to pursue the aggressive scaling of the historical Moore’s Law. The whole Semiconductor industry supply chain is being concerned: from IDMs to Fabless and CMOS foundries, from OSATs to Substrate and Circuit Assembly players as well.

3D integration with TSVs could accelerate even more current consolidation happening in CMOS wafer fabs and the shift toward a fabless foundry model. As the whole industry supply chain is being concerned, all players are at the moment positioning on the technology and evaluating which 3-D technology platforms need to be invested and developed for their own business.

Times are bright for packagers from all across the world, according to the report. A whole new infrastructure needs to be developed in the “Mid-end” of the semiconductor industry supply chain. New technologies, equipments and advanced materials coming both from the Front-end and the Back-end worlds are being developed and will give rise to a revival of the semiconductor packaging and circuit assembly industries.

The latest market forecasts show that 3D-TSV wafers will be shipped in millions and have the potential to impact as much as 25% of the memory business by 2015. If we exclude memories, our analysis show that 3D-TSV wafers will account for more than 6% of the total semiconductor industry by 2015.

The report also reveals that different 3-D technology platforms, such as 3-D WLP Encapsulation platform, 3-D TSV Stack platform, and 3-D Interposer Module platform, need to be developed as they will serve different application needs and will correspond to different players in the supply chain.

This new study aims at giving a better understanding about the right timeline for the successful adoption of the Through Silicon Via (3-D TSV interconnect) technology across the wide range of its driving end-applications. The potential impact of 3-D technologies on the semiconductor manufacturing market (at the device / equipment / material levels) is quantified. It also evaluates how the industry supply chain is likely to evolve in the 2006-2015 time frames.

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