Mercury Computer Systems Selects AdvancedIO V1021 10GbE PMC/XMC Module

AdvancedIO® Systems, the leading provider of configurable 10-Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) connectivity for real-time embedded systems, announced that Mercury Computer Systems, a world renowned provider of real-time sensor computing solutions, selected AdvancedIO’s V1021 10GbE PMC/XMC module for use in its revolutionary SR-110 Gateway interconnecting 10GbE Ethernet and RapidIO®. As a network-centric building block for VXS systems, the Mercury SR-110 10GE VXS Gateway facilitates the integration of the two high-performance switched fabrics to employ the advantages of both. AdvancedIO has already shipped V1021 orders to Mercury, with the expectation for future orders over the next year.

AdvancedIO V1021 10GbE PMC/XMC Module“AdvancedIO’s flexible technology and outstanding customer support have been critical factors in our success in deploying the SR-110 VXS Gateway. AdvancedIO’s team worked closely with our team at many levels during all phases of the program to achieve optimized integrated performance,” said Didier Thibaud, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Advanced Computing Solutions at Mercury. “As 10GbE increases in prevalence over the long term, we expect the need for our system expertise and groundbreaking solutions, including the SR-110 10GE VXS Gateway, to follow suit.”

“As a 10GbE leader, AdvancedIO is familiar with the intricacies of interconnecting 10GbE and other fabrics and protocols in various real-time applications,” noted Rob Kraft, AdvancedIO’s VP of Marketing. “We are thrilled to work with Mercury and complement their multi-processing infrastructure with our unique technology on this complex sensor processing system. We look forward to continued opportunities that build on our strong current relationship and provide more highly valued solutions for customers.”

About AdvancedIO Systems
AdvancedIO Systems Inc. is the market leader in configurable 10GbE connectivity and packet processing solutions for the embedded systems market. AdvancedIO’s product family, including the market’s first 10GbE interface in the industry standard XMC form factor, delivers outstanding packet-processing performance in conjunction with application flexibility. AdvancedIO provides a unique solution for high-performance defense and telecom applications and for developers seeking to implement and benefit from standards-based high-speed fabric connectivity. AdvancedIO Systems was established in 2004 and is located in Vancouver, Canada.

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