Acumen, Axivion Fight Software Decay

Cambridge-based software consultancy Software Acumen has teamed up with Axivion GmbH of Stuttgart, Germany to bring the unique Axivion Bauhaus Suite for stopping software decay to the UK and Ireland markets. Software decay is the constant erosion of the internal structure of a software system that occurs in all phases of software development and maintenance. As a result of such erosion, the software’s internal complexity increases disproportionately to the amount of new functionality added. This increasing complexity lowers software developers’ productivity. When software decay has occurred over some time period, developers can spend half their time doing basically unproductive work.

Axivion has been developing solutions to stop software decay since 2006 based on over 150 person years of research done at the universities of Stuttgart and Bremen. The company’s Bauhaus Suite offers unique capabilities in areas such as architectural visualization, architecture conformance checking, clone detection and interface analysis. With these tools developers can spot and correct decay problems before they impact the software. This allows organisations to lower costs while simultaneously improving quality.

Mark Dalgarno of Software Acumen says of the deal, “We’re extremely pleased to be bringing Bauhaus to the UK and Ireland markets. With software maintenance costs rising to almost 90% of the cost of a long-lived software project this technology is well-placed to benefit from an increasing realisation among managers and developers that they can’t ignore software decay any more. We’re very happy to be partnering with Axivion, the recognised leaders in this field.”

Sebastian Rummler of Axivion commented “We are very happy to have found a well-recognized expert in the field of software development to market the Bauhaus Suite in the UK and Ireland. From now on, customers cannot only profit from our solution but also from the expertise of Software Acumen when it comes to its seamless integration into existing processes and environments.”

About Software Acumen
Software Acumen is a specialist software consultancy established in 2004 and based at the heart of Cambridge’s software community. The company has a focus on software architecture, software process improvement, model-driven software development and software product lines.

About Axivion
Axivion GmbH has been developing solutions to stop software erosion since 2006 that enable software development teams to sustain the maintainability and changeability of their software applications. On the basis of close cooperation with the universities of Stuttgart and Bremen, cutting edge technology from research projects is constantly being introduced into their products.