Strategy Analytics Publishes Report on Mobile M2M Communications

A new Strategy Analytics Wireless Enterprise Strategies report, “A Brave New World in Mobile Machine to Machine (M2M) Communications,” predicts that regulatory compliance will help to drive the mobile M2M market to from under $16 billion in 2008 to over $57 billion by 2014. Through its research, Strategy Analytics identifies 5 key barriers to scaling the global M2M market, and analyzes the positions and evolution of key industry stakeholders, as the M2M market broadens across major application groups, including:

  • Lack of a low cost local access media that can be implemented on a global basis
  • The fragmented nature of both the technology vendors and the solutions they provide
  • Lack of any single killer application that can consolidate the market and drive demand forward
  • The complex nature of M2M solutions increases associated development and integration costs
  • Management’s inability to express the benefits of M2M in anything other than cost savings, rather than exploiting and encouraging the service enablement capacity of mobile M2M

“Historically, the mobile M2M market has struggled due to complexity and fragmentation. Strategy Analytics believes that increasing consolidation, falling technology costs, lower network charges and regulatory compliance from 2010 onwards, represent significant opportunities for network operators and service providers,” said Andrew Brown, Director Wireless Enterprise Strategies.

“Several sectors will benefit from regulatory changes, with Automotive and AMR the clear winners. Home and office security also represent a major opportunity over the forecast period,” added David Kerr, Vice President, Global Wireless Practice.

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