Gleichmann Electronics Announces GE Vision Chip-on-Glass LCD Modules

Gleichmann Electroncis expands its product portfolio with the immediate availability of the GE-Oxxxx series of chip-on-glass (COG) LCD modules. The LCD modules are available in different sizes and LCD technologies. An innovative integrated backlight system with a luminance of 350 cd/m² enables a brilliant image rendition, even in difficult ambient conditions. Furthermore, GE Vision’s own brand displays are equipped with a ST7565P-G controller from Sitronix and feature a low height of from 3.9 mm, depending on the type. Despite the compact construction, almost all of the modules offer moulded fixing points for simple attachment to the application.

GE Vision Chip-on-glass LCD ModulesGE Vision’s chip-on-glass LCD modules are currently offered with resolutions of 128 x 64 pixels and 240 x 64 pixels as well as 2 x 16 characters. All modules are available with optional black-white positive or in blue mode version.

A total of five module sizes are offered: 45.2 x 27.0 mm (GE-O12864C), 54.6 x 32.0 mm (GE-O12864A), 61.0 x 15.1 mm (GE-O1602A), 70.7 x 38.8 mm (GE-O12864D) and 130.2 x 37.6 mm (GE-O24064A).

All modules are available with extended temperature range of -20°C to +70°C. Samples and demonstration sets are available from stock.

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