Pinnacle Data Systems Introduces COMX-S1 COM Express Module

Pinnacle Data Systems, Inc. (PDSi) (AMEX: PNS) announced general availability of its newest compact computing board, the COMX-S1 COM Express module. This powerful embedded computer-on-module (COM) features the latest mobile AMD technologies, including single- and dual-core AMD Sempron[tm] processors and AMD Turion[tm] processors and the AMD M690 chipset. It delivers high performance with low wattage and stunning built-in dual-channel graphics capability.

Priced under $350 in OEM quantities, the high-performance, low-cost, flexible COMX-S1 computing platform offers embedded system designers a number of distinct advantages over other computing architectures including reduced time-to-market, lower development cost, minimized design risk, and greater platform longevity.

Designed to the modern industry-standard known as COM Express, the PDSi COMX-S1 module enables OEMs to quickly bring to market their unique embedded solutions, including providing custom I/O requirements, without the difficulty of developing the complex core circuitry of the computer. The COM Express module simply plugs into the heart of the OEM’s compatible design, and later can be just as easily upgraded as processing requirements evolve, thereby preserving original design investments.

“This module was developed with significant design input from AMD,” said Michael Darnell, PDSi’s VP of Global Sales and Marketing. “Our teams worked together on exhaustive testing and PDSi ensures full compliance with COM Express specifications and design guidelines for platforms based on AMD processors. The result is a rock-solid design that offers industry-leading performance for the COM Express platform.”

The COMX-S1 module carries a 3 year warranty from PDSi as evidence of the attention-to-detail in the design and the thorough product testing this board has undergone. “The embedded graphics are impressive and our early customers report that overall performance is outstanding,” Darnell adds.

“AMD continues to demonstrate our commitment to the embedded market by supporting the development of solid reference designs such as this one,” said Buddy Broeker, director, Embedded Computing Solutions Division, AMD. “Through capable industry leaders like PDSi, we are helping enable OEMs to construct innovative systems based on AMD’s advanced embedded platform solutions. Their products can be quickly delivered to the market with high performance capability and low power consumption.”

PDSi recently began shipping production COMX-S1 units and expects this product to remain in production for a minimum of five years with extended life-cycle options available. Its key components are supported by AMD’s longevity program. PDSi also offers customization, integration, and long-term support services for its OEM customers.

About PDSi
PDSi provides computer design, production, and repair services to original equipment manufacturers who build computers into their products in industries including medical equipment, telecommunications, defense and imaging. PDSi also helps major computer platform manufacturers respond to customer requirements for customized solutions and extended service life. PDSi specializes in areas where these OEMs often get little help from larger outsource firms, solving the challenges associated with complex technologies, low to medium volume production, and long-term service of third party products. Not simply a repair depot or a contract manufacturer, PDSi represents a more collaborative and flexible outsourcing partner who helps its clients manage costs, meet unplanned demand changes, improve customer satisfaction, and respond aggressively to new trends in the technology market place. With its innovative and proactive staff of engineering, manufacturing, program management and supply chain specialists, PDSi tailors solutions that meet the particular business and operational needs of each OEM.