MHS Electronics Announces Tanner EDA Foundry Design Kits

MHS Electronics (Nantes, France) has announced that it is now supporting Tanner’s EDA tools with foundry design kits for analogue and mixed-signal IC designers. Using these kits minimises the risk of errors when transferring a design to the foundry and maximises fabrication yields. These professional kits provide foundry-specific information including process options, design rules, advanced Tcell device generators, layer information and SPICE simulation models. The first Tanner design kit production release describes the SCMOS3EE technology, a mature 5V-0.5µm Mixed Analogue CMOS technology with a large set of High-Voltage device options and with a non-volatile EEPROM option.

Olivier BRIERE, responsible for Silicon Foundry strategic marketing at MHS Electronics, commented: “Tanner tools are by far the most popular amongst the Windows-based design flows for analogue and mixed-signal devices. We have created these design kits, with the support of EDA Solutions, in response to growing demands for customers to support them with optimised cost design solutions.”

Paul DOUBLE, Managing Director of Tanner’s European representative, EDA Solutions (Southampton, UK) added: “With the addition of MHS Electronics, virtually all European foundries now have support for Tanner design tools. Companies designing ICs for mature processes, such as those offered by MHS, are moving away from the large tool vendors in their droves.”

Frank RIEDIJK, CTO of XENSOR Integration (Delft, The Netherlands,, a high-tech fabless company focusing on sensor signal conditioning electronics and micro-systems explained: “For more than 10 years now, we are trusting Tanner EDA tools for our complex mix mode ASIC designs. We have always been first time right with this very cost effective software. Moreover, using the MHS Design-Kit for Tanner, we will optimise the design task schedule.”

To further minimise the costs and risks associated with new IC designs, MHS Electronics also offers multi-project wafer (MPW) and multi-layer mask-set services (MLM). With MPW, at a fixed schedule, multiple designs are assembled to share the mask-set and wafer processing costs for a few delivered samples. With MLM, up to four photo-layers are drawn within a photoreticle, reducing the cost of a mask-set and offering much more flexibility in terms of tape-out schedule and engineering lot management, and complete wafer delivery.

About EDA Solutions Limited
Founded in 2001, EDA Solutions is the exclusive European representative for Tanner EDA. Tanner make the industry-leading, PC-based, full-custom analogue and mixed signal IC design tool, L-Edit. L-Edit has associated electrical design, spice simulation and verification products. Tanner also provide design kits for many commonly available foundry processes, as well as software customisation and turnkey ASIC design services. Complementing the IC design software from Tanner are multi-project, small volume wafer fabrication services from MOSIS. EDA Solutions also offers IC design consultancy services to customers throughout Europe.

About MHS Electronics
MHS Electronics is a key European Silicon Foundry provider of specialized Analog and Mixed-Signal technologies. With two facilities located in Nantes (France), formerly ATMEL Fabrication SAS, and in Swindon (UK), the former ZARLINK Analog Foundry activities, the company has a manufacturing capacity of 165 000 wafers/year on 6-inch wafers. The large technology portfolio enables MHS to serve the Telecommunications, Power Management and Industrial markets as well as Ultra High Reliability market segments such as Aerospace, Military, Medical and Automotive. With 380 employees and several decades of experience in the Semiconductor domain, the company offers Silicon Foundry services based on High performance Analog Bipolar, LDMOS technologies and specialized mixed-signal CMOS & BiCMOS processes on both silicon and Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) substrates, with geometry capability of down to 0.35µm. Whilst concentrating on silicon foundry contract manufacturing services, MHS Electronics can also, through its partner networks, guarantee a turnkey ASIC project management service, EDA support including comprehensive PDKs, as well as prototyping and backend test and assembly services.

About Tanner EDA
Tanner EDA is a leading provider of easy-to-use, PC-based electronic design automation (EDA) software solutions for the design, layout and verification of analog/mixed-signal integrated circuits, ASICs and MEMS. Its solutions help speed designs from concept to silicon and are used by thousands of companies to develop devices cost-effectively in the biomedical, consumer electronics, next-generation wireless, imaging, power management and RF market segments. Founded in 1988, Tanner EDA is a division of privately held Tanner Research, Inc.