Advantest Launches Turn-key RF Test Cell Solution at Semicon West

Advantest Corporation (TSE: 6857, NYSE: ATE), the world’s leading supplier of semiconductor test equipment, is introducing its new, high-performance RF test cell solution at Semicon West, and is also demonstrating its new compact test solution for cost sensitive consumer devices. In its booth #7447 West, Advantest will also feature its suite of memory solutions for high-productivity, low cost-of-ownership engineering and manufacturing applications. Semicon West is being held from July 15-17 at San Francisco’s Moscone Center.

Long the established leader in parallel test technology, Advantest is now applying its multi-disciplined expertise in test cell technology to revolutionize test in the SoC arena. Leveraging from decades of experience and a significant global installed base of test-cells, Advantest has now upped the performance standards for SoC test with the industry’s only single, monolithic, highly parallel, turn-key test cell solution for RF and cost-sensitive consumer SoCs. The only ATE company which designs and manufactures its own handlers, interfacing, and testers, Advantest stands alone in offering customers a fully integrated, high-performance SoC test cell solution that significantly lowers the cost of test for today’s complex consumer ICs.

Advantest’s introduction of a turn-key RF test cell solution offers the industry a new paradigm of test for today’s demanding RF devices. Advantest’s turnkey, highly parallel solution is comprised of the new T2000 LS mainframe and new 12GHz RF module along with its new M4841 state-of-the-art handler and a unique low noise, highly parallel DUT interface, yielding a complete test cell optimized for quad-device RF parallel testing. Customers can benefit from Advantest’s significant experience in testers, handler, and interface design to speed deployment of challenging RF test solutions significantly reducing risk and time to volume. This test-cell solution provides the industry’s lowest cost of ownership for multi-site RF production testing.

Also at Semicon West, Advantest is showcasing its compact T2000 GS mainframe solution which is designed to lower the cost-of-test of SoC devices used in digital consumer, RF and mixed-signal products. The compact solution, which debuted at Semicon Japan in December 2007, incorporates the newly developed T2000 GS mainframe, together with new air-cooled 250MDMA digital test module, which includes a high-performance hardware histogram capability to enable a very high-speed parallel SOC test solution with a very low cost-of-test.

Industry’s first 12GHz monolithic module with quad density RF signal generators and analyzers
Advantest’s T2000 open-architecture SoC test system offers unparalleled flexibility and a wide spectrum of modules to provide customers the lowest cost of ownership for device testing today and into the future. Advantest’s new RF module is the ATE industry’s first fully integrated 12 GHz monolithic module, boasting 36-port quad-core RF signal generators and analyzers to speed time to market. With an ability to test up to 4 RF devices in parallel, this air-cooled, quad-DUT “out of the box module,” affords customers an unmatched cost of test advantage. Additional modules can be added within a single test head as needed. Furthermore, with 32 RF pins per module, each with access to high performance VSG and VSA supporting 40 MHz of complex modulation bandwidth, this module offers the industry’s highest RF pin density for addressing multi-DUT, multi-band transceivers and Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) device architectures in both single and multi-site test configurations.

Addressing consumer market demands with high-parallel, compact test solution
Consumer devices such as microcontrollers, and those used in hand-held gadgets including cell phones and personal audio products, continue to increase in functionality while experiencing significant price erosion, To combat this trend, device manufacturers have been calling for an efficient, low-cost test solution capable of addressing the manufacturing requirements of both high-mix, low-volume and general purpose SoC devices. Advantest’s new T2000 Compact Test Solution responds to this need.

Advantest offers a wide range of high-end to mid-range SoC consumer device test solutions through its T2000 test system series. The latest mainframe addition to theT2000 test system family is the new GS mainframe. Its small compact design, air-cooled test head, and single phase power maximize floor space and power valued in both development and high-volume production. Together with the new air-cooled 250MDMA digital test module, this solution enables low cost high-parallel testing of SoC devices. This high-density packaging 250MDMA module technology offers 128 channels per module at test speeds of 250Mbps. The GS mainframe supports up to 32-device parallel testing with even higher site counts available with other T2000 mainframes.

R. Keith Lee, president and CEO of Advantest America, says, “Our customers in the RF and consumer SoC segments of the industry are calling for reliable, accurate high-volume test solutions for devices that are both complex and dense. They face continual demands to lower test costs to keep pace with the downward pricing pressures that characterize the current market environment. Advantest is able to meet customers’ needs by leveraging the strengths of our test cell technology and product offerings. Advantest stands alone as a single vendor for turn-key, high-performance test cells. The company’s long history of delivering technically superior, cost-effective test cell solutions in the memory market, has paved the way for a transition to the SoC arena, where diverse engineering and applications resources give Advantest significant technology to draw upon.”

Advantest is also participating in the SEMI TechXPOT technology session addressing Testing Increased Functional Complexity, on Wednesday, July 16. Anthony Lum, an Advantest America SoC Product Engineer, will discuss “Breaking the Barriers to RF Multi-DUT Tests” in his presentation.

About Advantest
Advantest Corporation is the world’s leading supplier of automatic test equipment (ATE) to the semiconductor industry. Advantest’s SoC, logic, memory, mixed-signal and RF testers and device handlers are integrated into the most advanced semiconductor fabrication lines in the world. Founded in Tokyo in 1954, Advantest established its North American subsidiary in 1982 and its European subsidiary in 1984.