GSA Releases Analog Mixed-Signal Radio Frequency Process Checklist

Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) announces the release of its Analog/Mixed-Signal/Radio Frequency (AMS/RF) Process Checklist Version 1.0. The tool was developed by the GSA MS/RF Subcommittee’s Process Control Monitoring (PCM)/Process Checklist Working Group. The AMS/RF Process Checklist reflects the key attributes of an AMS/RF foundry process offering. It provides standard definitions for quantitative and qualitative metrics, which can be used for classification, as well as figures of merit in selecting an appropriate process and process options for a specific design application.

Three important needs have been identified for the AMS/RF Process Checklist: It identifies the different elements of a foundry’s AMS/RF process and its ability to fulfill a semiconductor company’s needs; it serves as a basic set of guidelines for measuring available items in an AMS/RF foundry process; and, it is an efficient way to communicate information in a consistent format across all foundries.

The checklist includes the seven key attributes of an AMS/RF foundry process offering:

  • Process Type
  • Process Release Status
  • Process Attributes
  • Passive Device Attributes
  • Foundry Logistics
  • Active Device Attributes
  • Libraries and IP

“The Process Checklist provides a quick and consistent overview of a mixed-signal process,” said David Schwan, engineering manager at RF Micro Devices and committee chairman for GSA’s PCM/Process Checklist Working Group. “Prior to the checklist’s availability, finding the equivalent information would often mean searching a number of documents. This checklist makes it easier for key decision makers to quickly determine whether a particular process has all of the required features.”

Semiconductor companies, which are the targeted users of the checklist, benefit because less effort is required to obtain information on an AMS/RF foundry process. It also helps them evaluate if a foundry’s AMS/RF process offering fulfills and addresses all of the company’s required needs.

Wafer foundries, which are classified as the checklist providers, benefit because the quality of communication with semiconductor companies is greatly enhanced and improved; therefore it becomes an effective marketing tool to acquire new, as well as maintain existing customers.

About GSA
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