Technosoft Rolls Out 3 kW IDM3000 CANopen Intelligent Drive

Technosoft is pleased to offer the new 3 kW intelligent servo drive that embeds motion controller, drive and PLC functionalities in the same unit. Based on the MotionChip[TM] technology, IDM3000 is specially designed for servo applications requiring high peak torque, dynamic response and flexible integration features. It can be used to control brushless, induction, and DC motors up to 3 kW. IDM3000 drives 10 A continuous and 30 A peak currents, at a supply voltage ranging from 160 to 325 V.

Technosoft IDM3000 CANopen Intelligent Drive for 3 kW Dynamic Servo ApplicationsThe drive is programmable in the high-level Technosoft Motion Language (TML). The motion programming can be done from a CANopen master via a PC / PLC using the appropriate motion library, or directly at drive level, using the built-in motion controller and the EasyMotion Studio platform. Through the powerful TML programming, you can really simplify complex applications by distributing the intelligence between master and drives. Thus, instead of trying to command each step of an axis movement from the master, you can program IDM3000 in TML to execute complex tasks, and to inform the master when these tasks have been completed. Motion modes as contouring, profiling, gearing, electronic camming, PVT are easily executed in stand-alone or multi-axis operations. Communication can be done over CANopen, CAN and RS-232 networks.

IDM3000 is equipped with several sensors: digital and linear Halls, incremental encoder, SSI and resolver. The addition of resolver feedback increases the versatility of the drive in motion control projects that involve very high temperature, vibration, shock and dirty environments.

Flexibility and easy implementation make the IDM3000 an ideal solution to fulfilling today’s high-power motion axis control needs, using modern distributed intelligence architecture. It is perfectly suited for applications such as pick-and-place, CNC, robotics and military requiring high servo performance and enhanced compactness.

More info: Technosoft IDM3000