Enterpoint Introduces Craignell Modules Alternative

The problem of obsolescence in electronics is a common issue for manufacturers. Often manufacturers end up in expensive last time buy operations or desperately searching the world to find the remaining stock in existence. Enterpoint’s Craignell modules offer an alternative to these costly procurement operations, often with performance improvements as an additional benefit.

Enterpoint Craignell DIL40 ModuleThe initial release of the new range of Craignell modules from UK based Enterpoint offer alternative procurement solutions for hard to find components in DIL28, DIL32, DIL36 and DIL40 packages.

The heart of the Craignell modules is a Xilinx[TM] Spartan[TM]-3E FPGA which performs the logic or memory function of the obsolete component being replaced. The high density of the FPGA solution allows functions of up to 500,000 gates to be implemented. This allows logic functions as complicated as a 8088 microprocessor or memory devices as large as 16Mbit to be replicated in a single Craignell module.

In addition to the FPGA, Craignell modules contain power regulators and I/O buffering to allow operation from a single supply between 3V and 5.5V and can tolerate and drive CMOS levels on all I/Os making the module highly adaptable.

Enterpoint offers the Craignell modules in either raw un-programmed format for customers to implement their own logic functions or as turnkey solutions with design of replacement logic functions already implemented. Typical replacement, or enhancement, functions replicated in Craignells include Microprocessors, UARTs, PIOs, Counter Timers, Clock Generators SRAM, Eprom, Flash, FIFOs and Dual Port Memories.

“The Craignell module range offers a unique solution to the electronics procurement problem. With these tiny modules we have packed together a solution that has a very long lifetime and can be maintained with the additional benefits of lower power and higher performance capability as well. The on-board clock oscillator allows us to time signal edges to a 2nS resolution not only allowing us to replicate the logic function of an obsolete device but also the I/O timing, a feature often not replicated by other solutions. These abilities allow us to drop the Craignell modules into existing board designs and to work straight away without board modifications,” explains John Adair, technical director at Enterpoint. “We can also offer the customer performance enhancements extending the lifetime of their product.”

Available now, the Craignell module range is priced from GBP£25, US$50, in 100 off quantities. For further information, please contact boardsales@enterpoint.co.uk

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