CIMAC FabVi Software Clones Semiconductor Equipment Automation

A new simulation software application known as FabVi (Fab Virtual image) clones semiconductor equipment automation and automated material handling system interface functions for MES software validation testing to help maintain fab efficiency and equipment utilization. Developed by CIMAC, a software supplier specializing in semiconductor applications, key elements of the simulation will be demonstrated at SEMICON West, July 13-15, 2008 at Moscone Center in San Francisco.

CIMAC will introduce MACSiM, a key component of the FabVi software, at SEMICON West. MACSiM is a software equipment emulator that mimics the SECS automation interface of equipment in the fab. The software allows the fab to mimic the equipment automation behavior so when equipment software is upgraded, it can be rehearsed with MACSiM. Therefore, the equipment utilization time is maximized as the equipment automation engineer can troubleshoot the equipment interface through simulation instead of through the production equipment, as is typical now.

FabVi combines the multiple MACSiM equipment emulators with other fab functions, including AMHS (Automated Material Handling System), to simulate all the major equipment and material handling functions in a fab.

FabVi will monitor the various AMHS and equipment automation software functions critical to debugging, diagnosing and troubleshooting MES software. FabVi is set for full deployment in the first quarter of 2009.

“In essence, we clone the equipment and material handling functions vital to MES testing,” commented Yezala Abayneh, President & CEO of CIMAC. “By simulating the AMHS and equipment automation interfaces, managers do not have to use valuable equipment time on problem solving. They can go directly to the clone.”

CIMAC can be seen at booth # 2716 at SEMICON West.

CIMAC (pronounced See’ mack) has been a leader in Factory Automation and MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) solutions for the semiconductor industry over the last ten years. Founded in 1997 CIMAC engineers and program managers are experts in the fields of Fab Connectivity & Control (FCC), Factory Software Systems (FSM), IT Services (ITS), Quality Assurance & ACM (QA) and Equipment Capability (ECM).