Dolphin Integration Rolls Out SCROOGE 2.0 Power Consumption Analyzer

As a leading actor of the ever-changing design industry in Microelectronics, DOLPHIN Integration is focused on “Enabling Mixed Signal Systems-on-Chip”. They not only contribute the All-in-One Simulator SMASH, starring VHDL-AMS, but they also provide the crucial IP methods and Virtual Components for high-performance hierarchical design.

SCROOGE is the first EDA solution to provide the capability to analyze hierarchically the total power consumption of your mixed signal SoC. This release of SCROOGE launches the easiest way to perform power consumption analysis thanks to:

Dolphin Integration - SCROOGE 2.0 Power Consumption Analyzer

  • Accurate transient analysis of the peaks on your SoC
  • Identification of the most consuming parts without any need for P&R
  • Interactive validation and optimization of your power budget

SCROOGE helps you to be perfectly power consumption stingy.

  • Avoid SoC oversizing to improve density and speed
  • Detect circuit defaults and predict consumption earlier in the flow (before P&R)
  • Avoid design iterations with your P&R provider thanks to clock tree emulation available after synthesis

Save designers’ time by providing them with an easily and efficiently usable solution.

SCROOGE – powered by SMASH[TM]- is the Ideal Solution for users frustrated by the limitations of spreadsheet based static estimates, pondering how to take the step toward dynamic power estimation.

Power consumption analysis finally becomes easy. Already available under Linux, Solaris and Windows.

More information: SCROOGE