Teradyne Introduces Magnum II Memory Test Solution

Teradyne, Inc. (NYSE:TER) announced the introduction of a new member of its Magnum family of memory test solutions, Magnum II.[tm] In keeping pace with current and future technology trends, Magnum II delivers a new level of performance and test efficiency required to satisfy the higher speeds and performance requirements of Flash and embedded memory systems. Magnum II, based on the successful Magnum I architecture, continues to set the standard for low-cost production test capacity while adding eight times the performance for leading-edge Flash technology.

“We are extremely pleased with our customers’ acceptance of Magnum II,” said Tim Moriarty, general manager of the Nextest business unit of Teradyne. “We have already shipped multiple systems to several different customer sites worldwide and we are confident that with the added system performance of Magnum II, we can expand our leadership position in the low-cost, high-volume Flash market.”

Magnum II expands performance in two primary dimensions: bandwidth and test efficiency. Magnum II provides a 400MHz clock and data rate, with capability up to 800 Mbps data rate in SuperMux[tm] mode, without any loss of resources. In support of these high data rates, Magnum II delivers engineering and production solutions with improved timing accuracy and waveform fidelity for high-quality performance testing of Flash memory-based products.

The Magnum II’s Algorithmic Pattern Generator (APG) has been enhanced to improve its scalability and throughput efficiency. The APG supports the testing of Terabyte scale memories. Magnum II’s Error Capture and Redundancy (ECR) analysis circuits have been optimized to capture up to 5760 gigabits of error information per system, at-speed, with redundancy processing in the background. Test times can be reduced significantly while running at the full device speed.

Magnum II also boasts an extended logic capability that supports up to 512MV per-pin, four times the vector depth of Magnum I, with no shared pins. Magnum II supports independent data per-pin, for flexible testing of high-speed devices.

Magnum II is compatible with Magnum I signal delivery when interfacing to a number of handler and prober systems, enabling customers to reuse their existing interface products for massively parallel test applications. This compatibility provides customers a significant advantage in savings of time, resources and test costs.

About Teradyne, Inc
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