NXP Announces TDA9996 Intelligent HDMI1.3a Smart Switches

NXP Semiconductors, the independent semiconductor company founded by Philips, launched innovative HDMI1.3a smart switches – TDA9996. The switches boast built-in auto-adaptive equalizers for intelligently maintaining consistently high audio-visual quality over longer HDMI cables. They also offer 12-bit Deep Color support for best-in-class picture quality.

NXP TDA9996 HDMI1.3a smart switches can support over 20 meters AWG26 cable on a 12-bit Deep Color 1080p stream in a typical application environment. The highly automated switches are able to handle up to 4 HDMI 1.3a inputs in front of the TV processor allowing the end user to enjoy content from different HD sources and to switch easily between them. Built-in Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) also allows TDA9996-based appliances to be managed from a single remote control in a CEC-enabled device environment.

“As consumers seek even better picture quality and more digital content on their flat screens, HDMI1.3a is gaining greater traction across a myriad of consumer appliances around the world. TV manufacturers are demanding a highly-integrated solution that can handle multiple HDMI connections and be easily designed into TV sets for a better connected experience for the consumer,” said Claude Giraud, general manager for media interface products, at NXP Semiconductors. “NXP’s HDMI1.3a smart switches buck this trend and offer TV manufacturers a cost-optimized, high-performance solution to build TV sets that fit into the consumer’s high-definition home entertainment environment with ease.”

The TDA9996 smart switches offer a compelling solution to TV manufacturers and system integrators with embedded features that eliminate the need for external components – reducing the workload and the complexity of the TV processor to deliver an enhanced viewing experience. The TDA9996 is embedded with a CEC controller, ESD protection, termination resistors, non-volatile EDID and configuration memory – all of which are intelligently controlled. For example, with the automatic equalizer, the HDMI switch is able to adapt to various cable lengths between the different sources, as also improve low signal levels and compensate for any loss in quality, for better viewing experiences.

Key features of NXP’s TDA9996 HDMI smart switches include:

  • Up to four HDMI1.3a inputs
  • Robust auto-adaptive equalizer
  • Up to 2.5 Gbps bit rate
  • Automatic power management including EDID-Read with +5V only from source
  • Standalone mode
  • Embedded CEC-to-I2C translator
  • Hot Plug Detection and termination-resistance controls
  • Non-volatile EDID memory for 4 HDMI inputs
  • DDC buffer and master switch
  • 50-O single-ended termination resistances with embedded calibration
  • Fail-safe output mode
  • Over 6KV ESD protection for all inputs according to IEC 61000-4-2 specification (Level 3 Contact)

The TDA9996 is one from the NXP’s family of HDMI1.3a smart switches, which also includes the TDA9995 with three inputs and the TDA9993 – a 1-to-1 buffer.

More information: HDMI1.3a smart switches (pdf)

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