TI Debuts TPA3121D2, TPA3124D2 Stereo Analog-input Class-D Amplifiers

Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE:TXN) introduced its second-generation, 15-W, stereo analog-input Class-D amplifiers with single-ended outputs. These highly-efficient devices eliminate components to reduce total solution size and cost in HDTVs and other consumer audio electronics. Innovative features address single-ended design challenges to ensure robust and reliable audio performance in LCD, plasma and DLP® TVs and other home audio products.

Texas Instruments TPA3121D2 Stereo Analog-input Class-D AmplifierEliminating components to enable cost-efficient and compact designs
As industrial design and increasingly smaller form factors become standard in the HDTV market, manufacturers face increasing price and size pressures. The TPA3121D2 and TPA3124D2 address these challenges. Single-ended architectures reduce bill of material (BOM) costs and save board area by eliminating two LC output filters. To further reduce cost, both devices can run off the existing +24-V backlight rail in a LCD HDTV, eliminating the need for a dedicated power rail. The BOM for an audio solution based on these devices is extremely clean when compared to the competition, with OEMs typically seeing up to 25 percent lower cost. With greater than 90 percent efficient operation, the new amplifiers also eliminate the need for a heat sink. Eliminating costly components reduces overall system cost and allows for a sleeker design.

Providing robust and reliable audio performance
The TPA3121D2 and TPA3124D2 reduce the BOM and save board space while providing robust performance. The devices leverage TI’s field-proven technology to solve the click and pop challenges typically associated with single-ended solutions. Along with single-ended stereo support, the TPA3121D2 and TPA3124D2′s outputs can be configured in BTL mode to support 30-W mono applications, such as wireless speakers or subwoofers. In addition, the TPA3124D2 features a fast mute time of 30 us. Depending on the video processor, a faster mute may be necessary to reduce power-loss pop. To ensure reliability, both devices are fully protected with integrated self-protection circuits against faults, including over-voltage, under-voltage, over-temperature and short circuit.

Extending TI’s portfolio of home audio offerings for HDTVs
The TPA3121D2 and TPA3124D2 join TI’s offering of single-ended audio solutions for HDTVs and consumer audio electronics. In addition, to address the market shift toward I2S inputs, TI offers digital-input, closed-loop Class-D solutions such as the recently-released TAS5706. For customers requiring more sophisticated audio processing, TI also provides a complete line of high-performance processors. For more information, see www.ti.com/tas5706 or www.ti.com/tas3308.

Pricing and availability
The TPA3121D2 and TPA3124D2 are available today from TI and its authorized distributors.

The TPA3121D2 is pin compatible with the TPA3124D2 and the TPA3123D2. Pin-to-pin compatibility enables manufacturers to leverage a single-board design across multiple product lines.