Advanced Assembly Offers Quickturn PCB Assembly with Machine Placement

Advanced Assembly, a Denver-based provider of printed circuit board (PCB) assembly services, launched a new service that solves a big problem for design engineers needing fast, low-volume or prototype PCB assembly. Unlike other assembly firms, this new service quickly machine-places components for orders as small as one, helping engineers shorten their product development cycle and providing an attractive alternative for engineers looking for fast, precise assembly. Most projects are ready within a week, which is over 80% faster than the typical industry turn time of 6-8 weeks.

Until now, engineers needing small quantities of circuit boards or prototypes had a difficult time finding a reliable assembly partner, many times forcing them to hand-assemble boards themselves or use an in-house technician. As PCBs have become smaller, denser and more complex, problems like rotated components or bill of material (BOM) errors are more common, making deadlines tougher to meet. With its patent-pending, machine-placement technology, Advanced Assembly helps engineers avoid these problems to ensure assemblies are performed easily, quickly and accurately.

“We formed Advanced Assembly to solve one simple but important problem,” said CEO and founder Lawrence Davis. “That is to offer a quick-turn solution to engineers who, until now, had nowhere to turn for accurate assembly of their prototypes and small PCB orders.”

Advanced Assembly’s turnkey assembly process is designed to save engineers time and money. Rather than ordering from multiple part suppliers and managing the resulting purchase orders, customers simply email their files to Advanced Assembly, where staff engineers can order parts and bare boards. Advanced Assembly also checks every order using its assembly verification software that finds 90% of errors before the process begins. Finally, every order, from one board to a 100, is assembled using pick-and-place machines for precision.

“Assembling my protos was getting more difficult and slowing down our entire development process. Because other shops wouldn’t touch my small order, I had no other option – until now. Advanced Assembly had the answer,” said Steve Spano, President of Finger Lakes Engineering.

About Advanced Assembly
Advanced Assembly is a Denver, Colorado company specializing in quick-turn assembly for design engineers needing low volume or prototype printed circuit board assembly. The company’s engineers are trained and experienced in advanced assembly technology and the in-house assembly facility features the latest equipment and testing solutions. With customers like Motorola, AT&T and Intel, and close supplier relationships with Digi-Key, Mouser and Arrow, Advanced Assembly is a trusted resource for high quality assembly that meet customers’ complex requirements. For more information, call 1-800-838-5650.