Ethernet Direct Announces 2008 Solution Paper

Ethernet Direct Corporation, a professional and primary provider of Industrial Networking and communication solutions, is pleased to provide FREE 2008 Solution Paper covering an array for Success Stories and Application diagrams. The Ethernet Direct Solution Paper proposes details on how Ethernet Direct products have been deployed to solve specific industry issues in various automation, control, and instrumentation networks.

The most comprehensive Industrial Ethernet application stories are presented in this Solution Paper including latest product technologies like Industrial Gigabit Ethernet solution, Industrial Wireless LAN solution, Industrial Power over Ethernet solution and how it networks to IntraVUE Network Management software. Aside from product information, application diagram and the winning solution, Ethernet Direct shares how to easily identify the type of Industrial Ethernet switch that you need in any given application.

Here is a highlight of the Application Success Stories according to vertical markets.

  • Intelligent Transportation like Metro, Airport, Tunnel Monitoring & Elevated Highway projects etc.
  • Factory Automation like Manufacturing & Production applications etc.
  • Power and Utilities like in Wastewater treatment, Solar energy farm, Electric distribution and Petroleum projects etc.
  • Process Control like in Gases & Compressed Air plants application etc.
  • Security & Surveillance like in Prison surveillance, Video surveillance and Wildlife monitoring etc.
  • Building Automation
  • Mining

In addition to over 40 application stories, ‘The Facts about Industrial Ethernet Switches’; ‘The Facts about SNMP in Industrial Switches’ and ‘The Importance of Redundancy Mechanism’ are briefly explained in the form of a white paper for easy comprehension.

To avail of the FREE Solution Paper, registered individuals will also be entitled to join FREE the far most comprehensive Technical Reference Library known as Ethernet Direct “EDucational Link” where you can find technical terms, application examples, video clips and guidance for Industrial Ethernet applications. Videos provide an easy learning experience no matter what your level of experience in Industrial Networking and Communication is.

About Ethernet Direct Corporation
Ethernet Direct brings a control system engineering perspective to networking technology. The principals of Ethernet Direct come from process-control and PLC system backgrounds. The Global Ethernet Direct team covers operations from Product know-how, design implementation, quality assurance, manufacturing, logistics, sales, marketing & technical support. We are well-positioned to fulfill customers’ needs and markets’ demands by providing a great variety of tailor-made products and services. When you work with us, you will experience confidence and dependability. By choosing Ethernet Direct, you have chosen excellence & long-term commitment.