Gleichmann Research Announces 2-FPGA-Board with Partitioning Software

Gleichmann Research offers a complete concerted development platform with innovative high quality FPGA development boards and a set of software tools to developers. The times are gone where the developer has to evaluate a different set of tools for each FPGA family, which costs time and money and still these are not perfect. Based on the ALTERA® EP2S180 in a 1508 pin package, Gleichmann Research offers a 2-FPGA-module for the Hpe®_midi systems.

Gleichmann Research 2-FPGA-Board for Hpe_midi systemsEvery FPGA has 180,000 logic elements (equivalent to 1.8 Mio. ASIC gates). There are 700 interconnections between the FPGA’s, 64 LVDS pairs allow 1Gbit/s/pair high-speed data communication. A 24-layer PCB, impedance controlled, temperature depended fan control and a clock factory, which distribute 7 input clocks to different clock inputs of the FPGA’s – these are some of the features of our FPGA development systems. Gleichmann have also implemented the ALTERA® USB-Blaster[TM] on the module.

Together with every FPGA-system Gleichmann will deliver a set of software tools, which are easily accessible via a GUI, (Hpe®_desk). In addition to the clock factory the developer will receive a JTAG scanner and debugger. With this scriptable tool it’s possible to write any output and to read any input of the FPGA. In addition GE-Research offers to every customer, a cost-free, semi-automatic partitioning software. This allows the developer to move every entity from every level by dragging and dropping them into an FPGA. During this task the utilization and the interconnection will be checked. The partitioning tool is currently a beta-released version and works only with VHDL. But this will change within 2008. The tool needs only ALTERA Quartus®II, no additional expensive software will be required.

About Gleichmann Electronics Research (Austria) Gmbh & Co KG
Gleichmann Electronics Research (Austria) GmbH & Co KG is a subsidiary company of Gleichmann & Co Electronics GmbH in Frankenthal (D). Founded in 2004 the company develops and manufactures development tools for FPGA’s (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) and offers services in connection with ASIC-development.