Enfora Enabler Low Power Platform Increases Battery Life by 10x

Enfora, a leading global supplier of intelligent wireless networking solutions, announced the Enabler® Low Power Platform (LPP). This new platform provides developers with a wireless solution that can extend battery life from 30 days, for example, to as much as 18 months. With the ability to support and manage extended battery life, the Enabler LPP platform is purpose built, supporting applications that track mobile enterprise assets, vehicle fleets, and a host of other equipment in a variety of vertical markets.

“This new platform is a great fit for anyone who needs to track and manage remote mobile assets, but is concerned with the very limited battery life of current devices,” said Brian Murphy, vice president, worldwide sales, Enfora. “This new platform represents a major leap in battery performance – potentially extending the battery life of asset tracking devices by several orders of magnitude.”

The Enabler LPP is a network edge wireless IP platform that combines global wide-area GSM/GPRS wireless and GPS location capabilities in an embeddable form factor that boasts a <10µA system idle. The development tools and embedded software environment for the Enabler LPP bring together the key hardware and software elements required to enhance the rapid development of business critical applications. Utilizing a programmable rules engine, network router, along with unique control and automation capabilities, the Enabler LPP simplifies the deployment, operation and remote management of devices. The LPP developer tools provide a unique interface to actively manage all aspects of power consumption on the device ensuring extended battery life.

Enfora also announced its next generation Services Gateway. The Enfora Service Gateway 2.0 provides the environment to directly connect and manage your mobile assets from your existing enterprise applications. This provides customers with a detailed view of mobile assets, enabling proactive management and systematic upgrades when needed. Some of the new features include an improved user interface with browser-based administration, command pooling and firmware-over-the-air (FOTA) support.

Designed to support a variety of wireless applications, including solutions for asset management, tracking and remote monitoring and control, the Enabler LPP is part of the popular Enabler III family of embedded wireless platforms.

About Enfora
Enfora is a leading provider of wireless networking solutions that enable enterprises to access, analyze and leverage information from their geographically dispersed assets. Our solutions, consisting of embedded wireless software, network edge wireless platforms – embedded and integrated – and enterprise software, are based on our distributed intelligent architecture that provides a valuable link between an enterprise and its remote assets. Enterprises deploy our solutions for location-based, monitoring and control, and asset management applications.