Gleichmann Electronics Announces NEC V850ES/Jx3 Microcontrollers

Twelve new 32-bit microcontrollers (MCUs) from NEC Electronics, which immediately complement Gleichmann Electronics’ product portfolio, execute USB 2.0 data transfers at speeds of up to 12 megabits per second (Mbps). Four of the devices, derivatives in the V850ES/JG3-U and V850ES/JH3-U lineup, provide full USB host and USB endpoint functionality. The eight devices in the V850ES/JG3-H and V850ES/JH3 lineup, as low cost versions, provide only USB endpoint functions. Additionally, some of the devices are equipped with a CAN interface. With this combination, NEC Electronics takes into account the trend that CAN is increasingly used as industrial bus and in such applications mostly USB is required as connection to the PC environment.

NEC V850ES/Jx3 MicrocontrollerOperation at a clock speed of 48 MHz enables a computing power of up to 98 million instructions per second (MIPS). Additional on-chip peripheral functions such as a 6-phase timer with dead time generation, a fast cut-off function for motor control and an incremental counter make the MCUs not only ideally suitable for use in printers and audio systems, but also for use in industrial applications. The backwards compatibility to earlier V850ES derivatives allows the designer to continue to use existing development environments and software resources.

Standard development tools include two special USB starter kits an IECUBE for full trace and emulation, the MINICUBE as on-chip debugger as well as additional integrated debugger, compiler and simulator.

Samples of devices – with various memory configurations, pin counts and USB functions – in the V850ES/Jx3 family are available immediately from Gleichmann Electronics.

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About NEC Electronics (Europe) GmbH
NEC Electronics (Europe) GmbH, headquartered in Duesseldorf, Germany, is a leading developer and supplier of semiconductor products in Europe. Committed to meeting customers’ cost, performance and time-to-market requirements, the company offers solutions ranging from standard products to system-on-a-chip (SoC) solutions, as well as customized products for next-generation designs. Our customers also benefit from state-of-the-art manufacturing from the global production network of our parent company, NEC Electronics Corporation. Additionally, NEC Electronics (Europe) GmbH is the exclusive European sales and marketing channel of LCD modules from NEC LCD Technologies Ltd.