Adeneo, Freescale Team on Windows Embedded CE, Linux Support for i.MX

Adeneo, a Microsoft® Windows Embedded Gold Partner with facilities in Europe and in the USA, announced during the Freescale Technology Forum Conference Orlando Florida, the beginning of their collaboration with Freescale on the i.MX family of applications processors. Adeneo has more than 550 engineers with a complete system expertise, both on hardware and software design, that bring a reliable answer to OEMs willing to secure the design of their embedded products in the best time-to-market.

Starting with the Freescale i.MX31 multimedia applications processor, Adeneo offers both Windows Embedded CE 6 and Linux BSP support for Freescale’s Product Development Kit (PDK) customers with development and customization needs. The ability to support both operating systems provides the flexibility customers need and enables developers to unlock the full power of the i.MX31 PDK.

At the forum, Adeneo will be highlighting their systems integrator expertise by providing hands-on training activities for customers and developers who want to power their devices with the i.MX31 PDK and Windows Embedded CE 6.0. In the forum’s technology lab, demonstrations of the Adeneo Bluetooth Manager on the i.MX31 PDK as well as Windows Embedded 6.0 and Linux BSPs will be on display.

Warren Lubow, Senior Director of Operations of Adeneo America, says, “Freescale chose Adeneo as a strong collaboration partner to provide a larger scope commitment to the customers in providing not only the BSPs and support, but a support system for development, customization and training which can be provided for both Windows Embedded CE 6.0 and Linux BSP.”

“Adeneo’s commitment to the i.MX family, through their support of Windows Embedded CE and Linux, further positions i.MX as a market leading product for high volume consumer, industrial and general embedded markets,” says Aaron Shagrin, director of the Multimedia Alliances Network at Freescale. “Freescale recognizes Adeneo as a strong systems integration partner with experts dedicated to the success of their customers.”

About Adeneo
Adeneo is a leading design center in complete hardware and software custom design with consulting, engineering, equipment and manufacturing capabilities. Adeneo offers a complete line of systems integration services in hardware and software engineering on ARM and x86 core based embedded technologies in various ecosystems including but not limited to; Industrial, Medical, Aeronautics, Enterprise, Military, Mobile and Consumer markets. With a strong emphasis on embedded and/or real-time development technologies and with 10 years of experience in Windows Embedded solutions to include Windows Embedded CE, Windows Mobile and .NET Micro Framework, and thanks to its relationships with industry leading Silicon Vendors and Microsoft, Adeneo is the key industry partner for complete hardware and software designs targeting rich-featured high end products. Its facilities located around the globe in Europe, Asia, and North America brings strong local support to its customers on a worldwide aspect. Adeneo was named “Systems integrator of the year” by Microsoft in 2007 and “Training Partner of the year” in 2008.

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