Freescale Moves CodeWarrior Tools to Eclipse

Freescale Semiconductor announced its award-winning CodeWarrior® development tools are leveraging Eclipse technology, an open architecture software platform, to ease tool integration for customers and third party vendors across Freescale’s portfolio. Freescale joined the Eclipse Foundation to promote embedded initiatives as a core part of the Eclipse roadmap.

CodeWarrior tools on the Eclipse software platform are expected to provide an integrated suite of plug-ins, giving developers a robust and extensible tool kit for the multiple phases of software production. The open source nature of the Eclipse environment is already embraced by many of Freescale’s third party vendors, such as MontaVista, Wind River, QNX and LynuxWorks, with hundreds of free and commercial plug-ins available to improve productivity and reliability and reduce software development time.

“As the embedded Linux® community continues to find increased development productivity on the Eclipse framework, MontaVista looks forward to collaborating with Freescale to provide new efficiencies in development and increased integration between hardware and software,” said Joerg Bertholdt, Senior Director of Product Management and Marketing at MontaVista Software. “Our combined customers will now have the ability to leverage Freescale silicon-optimized plug-ins and MontaVista DevRocket plug-ins to simplify the complex tasks of embedded Linux development.”

To help reduce complexity and facilitate integration, software development across Freescale’s silicon portfolio can occur on a unified software development platform. Furthermore, the Eclipse platform creates the opportunity for CodeWarrior plug-ins to enable Freescale silicon development on other Eclipse-based platforms — encouraging innovation between customers, partners and third parties by using a single, compartmentalized environment for development activities. As of June 16, 2008, products are under development and will come online in a phased approach.

“It’s a great move for Freescale and a win for Wind River as our collaboration effectively advances embedded initiatives within the Eclipse community,” said Tomas Evensen, Chief Technology Officer at Wind River. “We look forward to our continued teamwork in establishing Eclipse as the standard platform for embedded software development tools.”

As part of the Eclipse Device Software Developer Platform (DSDP) initiative, Freescale is committed to working with and Wind River to drive the Target Communication Framework, a lightweight extensible communications protocol for communication between devices and development tools, including debugging, monitoring, analysis, and test tools.

“As a founding member of Eclipse, we applaud Freescale’s decision to embrace this model of creating silicon-optimized tools and components for embedded developers,” said Linda Campbell, Director of Strategic Alliances, QNX Software Systems. “Our pioneering work at Eclipse and in our own Foundry27 community demonstrates the superiority of open, collaborative approaches to development, and we believe that Freescale’s partners and customers will all benefit from this initiative.”

About CodeWarrior Development Studio
CodeWarrior Development Studio takes source-level debugging and embedded application development to a new level. It provides a highly visual and automated framework that accelerates the development of even the most complex applications. Creating applications is fast and easy for developers of all experience levels. As a single development environment, it is consistent across supported workstations and personal computers within an organization. The features and uses are identical on each of the supported platforms, and there is no need to worry about host-to-host incompatibilities.

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