Cswitch Announces CS90 Configurable Logic Device Family

Cswitch[tm] Corporation, a 2008 Red Herring 100 North America award winner, is introducing its complete CS90 family of configurable logic devices addressing applications requiring up to 100 Gbps of packet processing bandwidth. The CS90 family is based upon Cswitch’s innovative Configurable Switch Array (CSA) architecture, which is a dramatic departure from currently existing solutions. It offers ASIC performance with FPGA flexibility by embedding configurable functions that are tailored to efficiently support any packet-based application.

“The heterogenous Configurable Switch Array architecture used by the CS90 family offers designers all the building blocks necessary to build 20 to 100 Gbps datapath applications in a single device,” said Doug Laird, Cswitch President and CEO. “Furthermore, because the architecture utilizes embedded blocks, timing closure effort is significantly reduced. The CS90 family meets our customers’ challenges,” added Laird.

Cswitch’s innovative Configurable Switch Array (CSA) architecture includes fully configurable embedded blocks operating at up to 1 GHz, supporting common data plane functions such as header parsing and CRC generation. In addition, the architecture uses the proprietary dataCrossconnectTM packet transport fabric to move data between blocks at 2 GHz, an industry first. This combination of embedded blocks and innovative interconnect allows CS90 devices to break through bandwidth bottlenecks found in FPGAs, thereby offering a true ASIC alternative for next generation packet-based applications seeking 20 – 100 Gbps throughput.

The complete CS90 family is comprised of three devices: the CS9050, CS9070 and the CS9090. The family offers in excess of 9 million usable gates, complemented by up to 40 serial transceivers operating at 6.4 Gbps. Each member contains three types of embedded blocks called Configurable Packet Engines (CPE) designed to address header parsing, fast lookups, and high-bandwidth polynomial arithmetic. In addition, the family supports up to 19 Mbits of on-chip memory, as well as 4 embedded high-speed memory controllers supporting DDR2 and RLDRAMII at 533 MHz.

“The CS90 family from Cswitch marks a dramatic and necessary evolution for the semiconductor industry as it attempts to address high performance applications that are no longer served economically by FPGAs or ASICs,” said Rich Wawrzyniak, Semiconductor Analyst for Semico.

Pricing and Availability
The CS9070 is the first member of the CS90 device family and is sampling today. The CS9050 and the CS9090 will begin sampling later in 2008. Cswitch’s Andara Development Tool Suite supporting the CS90 family is available today for customers to begin their designs. Pricing is available from Cswitch.

About Cswitch
Cswitch is a privately held semiconductor company based in Santa Clara, CA, offering the world’s first Configurable Switch Array family of devices. The CS90 family of devices is a unique solution for programmable data path applications in the networking, telecom, storage, wireless communications, servers and imaging market segments. Cswitch’s Andara development tools provides a familiar HDL-based design flow. Along with the Configurable Switch Array architecture, the Andara tool flow offers easy design capture and fast timing closure for designs.

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